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Solium Infernum is a turn-based strategy game coming hot from the gates of Hell. Developed by League of Geeks, the game lets players take on the role of one of the powerful banished Archfiends to become Hell's new Dark Majesty.

Everything We Know About Solium Infernum

Solium Infernum Story Plot

Satan, the Prince of Darkness, has vanished and Hell is in an uproar, leaving Archfiends to conspire: muster your legions while intoning dark sorceries, devilish schemes, and machiavellian plots. Play as one of eight all-powerful and menacing Archfiends. Command legions, enlist champions, cast sinister rituals, and trick, rob, and insult your rivals to be crowned Hell’s new Dark Majesty.

Solium Infernum Gameplay

Solium Infernum is a turn-based grand strategy game of politics, intrigue, and betrayal, set in the ultimate arena of Hell. Players command an army across the map while engaged in a strategic battle with other Archfiend leaders on the board. The turn order in the game starts with the "Regent." After the Regent has concluded its first turn, everyone will take their first order clockwise from the Regent.

Players can acquire more ranks in their army and use specific diplomatic actions against their fellow Archfiend leaders by gaining more "Prestige," which can be buffed by conquering Places of Power (PoPs). Any Legion or Titan that has HP can be healed and be given a passive healing bonus by parking your troops by your Stronghold (base), as well as PoPs acquired.


Getting money in the game is also key and comes in the form of tributes offered up by your underlings. Your Tribute Quality determines how valuable the coins you acquire are. Enough tributes can let players purchase at the Bazaar, play an Event Card, and upgrade Powers, among other things.

Players must master the Art of War and implement strategies that will decidedly win them the Seat of Hell. Players also get to engage in online six-player PvP with Solium Infernum’s asynchronous multiplayer.

Solium Infernum Trailer

Cinematic Reveal Trailer

Solium Infernum's official cinematic trailer sets the game's tone. The trailer introduces players to the god-forsaken Hell of Solium Infernum where one must claim the Throne.

Release Date Reveal Trailer

The Release Date Reveal trailer contains an outdated release date of the game. Nevertheless, it demands players to set friendships aside and be as ruthless as can be in this turn-based strategy game.

Gameplay Reveal

The Gameplay Reveal offers an in-depth look at Solium Infernum featuring the different phases of battle and tips to secure the downfall of your enemies.

Solium Infernum Product Information

Solium Infernum Cover
Release Date February 22, 2024
Developer League of Geeks
Publisher League of Geeks
Supported Platforms PC
Genre Turn-based Strategy, Indie
Number of Players Single-player, Online PvP
ESRB Rating TBA (mature content)
Official Website Solium Infernum Website


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