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Persona 5 X | When Is It Releasing Globally?


With the successful release of Persona 5: The Phantom X in China and East Asia, SEGA is now considering a full global release! But when might it come out? Will it even be released outside of EA territories? Read our article to follow our theories!

Persona 5: The Phantom X Global Release Date and Time Predictions

Might Come to Global Audiences Within the 2024 Fiscal Year


With the recent success of Persona 5: The Phantom X(P5X) being as expected as per SEGA themselves, they are heavily considering releasing the gacha spinoff to Japan and global audiences! The projected success was mentioned during SEGA’s financial report for the fiscal year of 2023 that ended in March 2024. Curiously, P5X was initially released in the middle of April, so it was included among the reported initial releases for the upcoming fiscal year of 2024.

The positive reception to its success, as well as being placed under consideration for a wider release is a good indication that a global release, if it happens, will occur within the next fiscal year, ending in March 2025. Seeing as P5 has grown to become one of the series’ most beloved and awarded games, its spin-off in P5X seeing steady success in restricted territories is a great sign of latent potential that could further flourish in among expanded audiences.


SEGA would be leaving money on the table if they fail to capitalize on the Persona series’ recent buzz, with the Persona 3 Remake seeing excellent success, both critically and financially. This is all the more reason to go all-out with the Persona series in every available platform, genre, and region. The unfulfilled niche of a mobile Persona gacha game easily accessible and playable is too lucrative of a deal for SEGA to let pass, and we can expect a global release to happen sooner rather than later.

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