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Persona 5 X Gameplay and Story Info | Everything We Know So Far


Persona 5: The Phantom X is a free-to-play gacha game that takes place in a parallel universe of the Persona series. Read on to learn how it plays, what it’s about, and everything else we know so far.

Persona 5: The Phantom X News

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Everything We Know About Persona 5: The Phantom X

Persona 5: The Phantom X Story Plot


In Persona 5: The Phantom X, the game takes place in an alternate world set in modern-day Tokyo, sharing the same setting as Persona 5. The story follows Wonder, a silent protagonist and second-year high school student at Kokatsu Academy who is struggling to find direction and purpose in life. His life takes a turn when he meets Ruferu, a talking owl who recruits him and other characters to reform society.

With the ability to wield the power of Persona, a supernatural ability that allows users to summon their true selves to aid in battle against Shadows born from human emotions, Wonder and his group become known as Phantom Thieves of Hearts.

Their mission is to steal the hearts of corrupt adults and reform society by entering the Metaverse, a realm formed from the collective unconscious. Within the Metaverse, they explore Palaces–manifestations of distorted desire- and Mementos– randomly generated dungeons where Shadows roam freely.

Unlike Joker in Persona 5, Wonder has the unique ability to cognitively connect with others who possess the potential to rebel and become Persona users. With the help of his friends and the Velvet Room attendants, Wonder and his team embark on a mission to save Tokyo.

Persona 5: The Phantom X Gameplay

Persona 5: The Phantom X’s gameplay has a similar formula to its predecessor, incorporating a turn-based battle system that features familiar mechanics such as attacking, summoning Personas, and using One More, Baton Pass, Gun Attacks, and All-out Attacks.

Each character in your party has unique weapons, skills, abilities, and Personas. In the Velvet Room, you can summon and fuse new Personas to expand your arsenal.

As a high school student by day, you live a double life, balancing daily activities like studying, building relationships, and exploring Tokyo's famous locations like Shibuya and Yongen-Jaya. However, after school, you transform into a Phantom Thief, entering the Metaverse through your phone to fight against Shadows alongside your friends.

The game also features a Gacha pull system, allowing you to acquire new characters outside of your party. These characters are not the actual individuals, but rather their cognitive versions drawn from the Sea of Souls.

One notable departure from Persona 5 is the absence of a traditional calendar system. Instead, players track their days using a special currency called hourglasses, which limits the amount of time you can spend each day.

Persona 5: The Phantom X Trailers

Opening Animation Trailer

The opening animation of Persona 5: The Phantom X maintains a striking art style and aesthetic, reminiscent of its predecessors. Against a predominantly red backdrop with subtle hints of black, the game introduces its Phantom Thieves, showcasing the universe's main characters. These include Wonder, the protagonist, as well as his companions: Cattle (Ruferu), Closer (Motoha Arai), Soy (Shun Kanou), and Wind (Riko Tanemura). The animation also features Igor, a familiar character from the series, alongside the new Velvet Room Attendant, Merope.

Heart Stealing Test Trailer

The trailer for Persona 5: The Phantom X offers a glimpse into the game's gameplay, showcasing the Phantom Thieves as they infiltrate a Palace that appears to be inspired by a Japanese Imperial Castle. The footage also takes viewers on a tour of Tokyo's city streets, including the City Walk and Shibuya, highlighting the game's day and night cycle.

In addition to the gameplay, the trailer introduces the hangout option, which replaces the traditional Confidant or Social Link System. This feature allows players to interact with their friends and colleagues in a more casual setting.

The trailer also teases various other activities, including the Gacha system, a soccer match, and a rhythm mini-game similar to the Persona Dancing spin-off games. New puzzles and areas are introduced in the Palace and Mementos, respectively, as well as new boss battles, including one that bears a striking resemblance to Kamoshida.

The trailer also showcases cutscenes, All-out Attacks, and a dramatic appearance by Joker emerging from the shadows.

Official Gameplay Trailer

The official gameplay trailer for Persona 5: The Phantom X begins with the protagonist waking up in the Velvet Room, where he is greeted by Igor. The new Velvet Room setting is revealed to be an aquarium-like environment, with a whale visible outside the glass.

The trailer then cuts to the protagonist exploring Tokyo, where a brief cameo of Takemi, a confidant from Persona 5, is featured. The gameplay also shows the protagonist's new school, where they meet future teammate and friend Motoha Arai, who has short blonde hair. The trailer highlights familiar mechanics from the previous game, including answering teachers' questions, visiting Iwai's gunshop, and engaging in nighttime activities at Shibuya.

It also showcases the protagonist's daily routine, including part-time jobs, fishing, and batting cages. The scene shifts to the Phantom Thieves' activities, including their interactions with Ruferu, a talking owl mascot who appears to take on a role similar to Morgana's in Persona 5.

The trailer also features Arai confronting a corrupt adult, and Ruferu and Wonder entering the Metaverse. The protagonist's Persona, Rob Roy, which resembles a Gundam, is revealed, as well as the Phantom Thieves' entrance into a Palace that resembles Sae's Casino from Persona 5. The Palace's king is introduced as a baseball player with purple skin, and the Phantom Thieves are initially beaten up before Wonder awakens his Persona, Jánošík and concludes with a new All-Out Attack sequence.

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Persona 5: The Phantom X Product Information

Persona 5 The Phantom X Banner
Release Date  TBA outside of China, South Korea, and Taiwan
 April 18, 2024 (South Korea, Taiwan, China)
Developer Black Wings Game Studio
Publisher Perfect World Games
Supported Platforms PC(Client), Mobile(iOS, Android)
Genre RPG, Gacha,Anime
Number of Players 1
ESRB Rating CADPA 12+
Official Website Persona 5: The Phantom X Official Website


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