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Europa Release Date and Time


Europa is a peaceful and meditative adventure game with a gorgeous art style inspired by Studio Ghibli films! Read on to learn about its release date, its price, and its target platforms.

Europa Release Date and Time

Delayed to Summer 2024

Europa was slated to be released on April 16, 2024 for the PC. However, creator for the game Helder Pinto reveals in an update video that it will be delayed until at most until Summer 2024.

In the meantime, you can play its demo available on Steam!

Update - April 17, 2024

The game was also announced for the Nintendo Switch and has a playable demo available as well!

Europa Pre-Orders


As of writing, Europa can only be wishlisted on Steam and the Nintendo Switch. Its price is also uncertain, as it has not been listed on the store page nor in any official public release or press kit. Rest assured, we’ll be sure to update this page when it pops up!

Digital Storefronts
Steam IconSteam Switch IconNintendo
Wishlist only

Is Europa on Xbox Game Pass?

The game will not be available on Xbox Game Pass, as it will not come to any Xbox Platforms.

Is Europa on PS Plus?

Since the game will not be released on any PlayStation platform, it will not be available for PS Plus.

Europa Trailers

Reveal Trailer - Nintendo Switch

Release Date Trailer

Gameplay Trailer

Game Reveal Trailer

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Europa Product Information

Europa Banner
Release Date Summer 2024
Developer Helder Pinto, Chozabu (Alex PB), Novadust Entertainment
Publisher Future Friends Games
Supported Platforms PC(Steam)
Genre Adventure, Action, Puzzle
Number of Players 1
Rating N/A
Official Website Europa Official Website


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