RAID Shadow Legends Promo Codes Give $100 Worth of Bonuses in Celebration of 5th Anniversary



RAID Shadow Legends is giving away an entire treasure hoard to all newcomers and promising champions. Before you go on a spending spree, here’s a little guide to let you know where to spend your newfound wealth and which upgrades are worth your while. Hurry and grab your $100 starter pack available via this link.

RAID Shadow Legends Hosts Giveaway for Their 5th Anniversary

Over $100 Worth of Bonuses Available Until April 11th

Calling all champions! RAID Shadow Legends is celebrating its fifth anniversary with the Festival of Creation. In addition to a new champion joining the roster, RAID Shadow Legends is also giving away $100 worth of bonuses to all newcomers.


Visit the RAID Shadow Legends website or scan the QR code to sign up for RAID Shadow Legends and you'll receive the following bonuses:

⚫︎ 500,000 Silver
⚫︎ Lady Etessa (Epic Champion)
⚫︎ 5x Rank 3 Rank Up Chicken
⚫︎ 5x Energy Refill
⚫︎ 5x 1-Day EXP Boost


Reach level 25 and claim the following bonuses and much more:
⚫︎ 500,000 Silver
⚫︎ 5x Epic Skill Tome
⚫︎ 5x Greater Magic Potion
⚫︎ 25x Greater Arcane Potion
⚫︎ 5x Energy Refill


Finally, after downloading RAID Shadow Legends, use the festive promo code "Festival5" to claim another 500,000 Silver, Tayrel (Epic Champion), and endless amounts of other rewards. Note that this offer of bonuses is for new players for a limited time during the anniversary only.

Get The Most Out of Your Newbie Bonuses With This Guide


Now, before spending your silver and upgrading your artifacts willy-nilly, let’s go over how you can get the most out of your starting fortune. Not all options are made equal and you may want to spend your resources on different things depending on what you already have, but not to worry, we’ll cover everything in the guide below.

Fill Out Your Team With New Summons


If you’re just starting, you probably don’t have a dedicated team yet. You probably only have the starting champion, plus a couple of extras from the tutorial. Not to worry, you’re starting with the resources you’ll need to fill out the gaps in your composition, be it for the main campaign, dungeons, or the arena. Let's talk Summoning Shards, the currency you'll need for new champions.The starting bonuses don’t come with any Summoning Shards but you can procure these through other means, which we’ll get to later.

Mystery Shards are the cheapest to summon and are very easy to get, often serving as rewards for campaign missions and log-in bonuses. They’re also unlikely to get you anything good, dropping rare champions at best and level-up fodder at worst. That said, you might as well spend the 500 silver required per shard whenever you get one, as the cost is negligible and you could always use the bad champions to boost your main ones.


Ancient Shards are where things start to get interesting, as each one is guaranteed to drop at least a rare champion, with a small chance to drop an epic or legendary champion instead. A higher rarity doesn’t necessarily mean that a champion is better for your desired comp, so don’t be afraid to keep summoning if you have the shards to spare. At 20,000 Silver a pop, it’s more expensive to keep rolling, but that’s hardly a dent in your 1,500,000 Silver total bonus.

Lastly, we have Sacred Shards, which will only drop Epic and Legendary champions. At 100,000 silver a summon, you’re going to want to use these sparingly (not that these were common to begin with anyway). If you have several kinds of shards on hand along with Sacred Shards, I recommend you try to open these first, because whatever you get is likely to be a cornerstone for your build.

Try Your Luck at The Market


Do you need more Summoning Shards to fill out your team comp? Is your main champion missing a particular artifact to complete a set bonus? In need of a specific common or uncommon champion to rank up your main crew? If you answered yes to any or all of these questions, then the Market is the place for you.

You can try your luck at the Market and buy anything from champions to summoning shards using silver. And with the massive pile of silver that came with the bonus, you’ll be sitting pretty at the stalls.

Mystery and Ancient Summoning Shards are usually available here for 5,000 and 200,000 silver, respectively. Try to keep at least 200,000 silver on hand in case an Ancient Shard pops up.


As for gear, this is a great place to scout for the one you need to complete a set bonus. You should keep an eye out for SHIELD artifacts in particular, as this is the only place you can get them outside of campaign missions and dungeons. There are too many artifact price points to list, but the rule of thumb is that the higher-ranking ones usually cost more.

Common and Uncommon champions show up from time to time, costing somewhere between the 6,000-10,000 silver and 40,000-50,000 silver ballparks, respectively. These are far less cost-efficient than using shards, but this lets you guarantee which champions you get, which can be useful for getting fodder. Only buy these if you badly need to because you’re otherwise better off spending your silver on the champions you already have or buying Summoning Shards.

Go On a Crafting Spree at the Artifact Forge


If trying your luck at the Market is too uncertain for your tastes, perhaps crafting the specific gear you need might be more up your alley. The limiting factors here are the crafting materials you’ll need, which you can earn through various means, including Arena Battles, Faction Wars, Doom Tower, Events, Tournaments, and the Forge Pass.

Crafting at the Artifact Forge lets you select which Set the crafted artifact will come from, limiting the randomness of the process and making it more likely that you’ll get the piece you need. Charms can be added to make specific artifact types more likely with each crafting, so make sure to apply those if you have a certain artifact in mind.

Each time you craft sets you back a variable amount of silver, depending on the rarity and rank of the artifact you’re trying to make. As mentioned earlier, the randomness of each craft won’t guarantee you what you’re looking for, so keep an eye on your silver as you go on your crafting spree, as each one can go from 10,000-50,000 silver.

Level Up, Rank Up, and Ascend Your Best Champions in The Tavern


Alright, we’re coming around to what could take the biggest bite from your budget so far: leveling up your heroes. The aforementioned bonuses don’t come with XP Brews or Barrels per se, but the abundance of summoned fodder champions and your constant access to the Market should grant you enough to level up your best champions.

Depending on the material you use, leveling up your champions can cost anywhere between 1,000-500,000 silver. That’s potentially a third of your bonus already and that’s just for a single rank for a single champion.


In addition to that, you’re going to want to Rank Up your champions to increase their base stats. Doing so will require any combination of Rank Up Chickens and Champions of the appropriate rank, plus a small sum of silver that increases with rank. The bonus comes with 5 Rank 3 Rank Up Chickens, which should allow you to rank up one Rank 3 champion of your choosing for around 10,000. You’ll have 2 Rank 3 Chickens left, but as long as you have another Rank 3 champion to sacrifice, you should be able to Rank up another Rank 3 champion.


Lastly, let’s talk about Ascension. Ascension is another way for your champions to raise their base stats and can be done so through Affinity Potions. These can be gained from Potion Keep Dungeon raids and come in three tiers: Lesser, Greater, and Superior. Ascending champions don’t cost silver, but do require a great quantity of potions, especially if you’re trying to ascend epic or legendary champions.

The bonus comes with 5 Greater Magic Affinity Potions and 25 Greater Neutral Arcane Potions, so don’t expect that you’ll be able to ascend your Spirit, Force, or Void champions with it. The bonus comes with Tayrel, however, who’s just the perfect champion to use the Greater Magic Affinity Potions on. Since she’s an epic champion, the best you can do is ascend her once, but that’s already a great headstart to have.

Go Buck Wild With Two Free Epic Champions


All that resource min-maxing has to be for something and, boy, do you get something with this bonus. You start with Lady Etessa, a powerful Force champion focusing on powerful debuffs and exploiting enemies suffering debuffs. You’ll get enough silver to kit her out completely with artifacts and levels, although the Rank Up chickens are insufficient for her rarity. You’ll get plenty of Epic Skill Tomes after you reach Level 25, however, so keep at it, and she’ll be stunning your foes to kingdom come in no time.


As for the other free Epic champion, Tayrel, you’ll get enough affinity potions to ascend him once, as I mentioned earlier. He also comes with his own injection of silver, so don’t be afraid to use what you’ve learned to kit him out in the best gear you can. You’re not going to regret it, as Tayrel is widely considered to be one of the best Epic champions in the game with his party-wide attack and defense debuffs.

Roll for Artifact Upgrades


We’re at the home stretch with artifact upgrades, which have a high degree of randomness, and are likely to be the biggest money sink for your silver. Upgrading artifacts isn’t guaranteed, as the chance of failing an upgrade rises with every success. You’ll start off paying hundreds of silver per upgrade but will end with tens—if not hundreds—of thousands per roll, which could end up being for naught if you end up rolling the wrong stat upgrade.


You’re going to want to do these last because these are gradual increases by design. You’ll still have plenty of chances to earn more silver even when you’ve blown through the 1,500,000 that the bonus came with, and you’re likely to gain more silver from selling artifacts that you don’t need anyway.

Again, don't miss your chance on this limited time bonus, ending April 11th, to start the game with an Epic Lady Etessa and other free goodies, all worth $100. Just visit the RAID Shadow Legends website or scan the QR code to sign up for RAID Shadow Legends.


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