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Wuthering Waves Review (June 2024) | Early Slog, But Well Worth It

Value for Money
Wuthering Waves is a case of an amazing game severely hamstrung by terrible delivery. While it is entirely possible to enjoy it after getting past the heavy gates of its boring opening acts, it will definitely come with a severely damaged first impression. Otherwise, aside from the bugs and spelling errors, and the terrible side quests, its combat system is incredibly enjoyable, with an accompanying top-notch audiovisual flair.

Wuthering Waves is an open-world action RPG set in a hostile world trying to fight against the Tacet Discords. Read our review to see what it did well, what it didn't do well, and if it's worth playing.

UPDATE (June 3, 2024): Added "Awesome Team Building Design" to Pros, "Lacks Engaging Music" to Cons. Removed "Most Side Quests Are Utter Disappointments" and "You Cannot Pet (Most) Cats" from Cons. Adjusted Story Score from 5 to 6, Visuals Score from 9 to 10.

Wuthering Waves Review Video

Wuthering Waves Review Overview

What is Wuthering Waves?

In Wuthering Waves, you take on the role of a mysterious newcomer simply known as the "Rover." Waking up without any memories or connections and in a world beset by creatures known as Tacet Discords, they must navigate the war-torn landscapes, underground factions, and roaming monsters to find the truth about themselves and the world.

Wuthering Waves features:
 ⚫︎ Slick combat that heavily rewards skill
 ⚫︎ Thoughtful team building design
 ⚫︎ Gripping and intriguing narrative
 ⚫︎ Kuro Game’s finest visual effects
 ⚫︎ Fast-paced navigation
 ⚫︎ Overworld farming without much need for stamina
 ⚫︎ Very attractive gacha mechanics for weapons
 ⚫︎ Coop with friends against tough stages

For more gameplay details, read everything we know about Wuthering Waves' gameplay and story.

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Wuthering Waves Pros & Cons


Pros Cons
Checkmark Highly Technical Combat
Checkmark Awesome Team Building Design
Checkmark Punchy Sound Effects
Checkmark Elegant and Practical Visuals
Checkmark Easy Daily Grind
Checkmark Very Forgiving Gacha Mechanics (For Weapons)
Checkmark It Has A Borefest Of An Opening
Checkmark Lacks Engaging Music
Checkmark Character Gacha Is Punishing
Checkmark Very Grindy Post-Game

Wuthering Waves Overall Score - 80/100

Wuthering Waves is a case of an amazing game severely hamstrung by terrible story delivery. While it is entirely possible to enjoy it after getting past the heavy gates of its boring opening acts, it will definitely come with a severely damaged first impression. Otherwise, aside from the bugs, spelling errors, and terrible side quests, its combat system is incredibly enjoyable, with an accompanying top-notch audiovisual flair.

Wuthering Waves Story - 6/10

Unfortunately, the opening act of Wuthering Waves’ story is an utter snoozefest. The development doesn’t make sense, and the delivery can easily knock you out of the game. Most of the side quests are also atrociously boring. However, certain characters have great companion stories, and the main campaign’s narrative does level out decently later.

Wuthering Waves Gameplay - 9/10

Everything about Wuthering Waves’ gameplay was designed with momentum in mind. Not only is its combat fast-paced and unrelenting, but even the way the characters are designed to navigate the terrain allows them to move quickly and smoothly. Strict timing is required for certain core mechanics, which reward players based on their skill. If taken to the extreme, a perfect match is a cinematic experience of its own. On the other hand, the vast majority of side quests are utterly mundane in terms of their gameplay.

Wuthering Waves Visuals - 10/10

Watching Wuthering Waves’ combat is almost like watching an action movie. The developers' decision to keep the cut-ins short ties in extremely well with the momentum the game tries to maintain. In exchange, the visual effects are highly satisfying without creating much clutter on the screen. The character designs and model quality are also very good with an abundance of, ahem, fanservice.

Wuthering Waves Audio - 7/10

The directional audio of Wuthering Waves, particularly mid-combat, is an action enthusiast’s dream. The sound effects hit hard, almost making you feel like you’re partaking in the action. On the other hand, the BGM is completely forgettable. The voice acting is also only excellent on very specific characters, while its absence on side quests makes it even more lifeless.

Wuthering Waves Value for Money - 8/10

While Wuthering Waves’ character gacha is the industry-standard disappointment, its weapon gacha is a safe haven for equipment collectors eager to gear their team with the best money (or lack of it) can buy. On top of that, many of Wuthering Waves’ quests are quite rewarding, and exploration is highly incentivized with decent loot and fun locations.

Wuthering Waves Full Review: Well Worth The Early Slog


I’ve been waiting for this game for so many years now that the days leading up to its release were a painfully wistful and unproductive period. As a big fan of Kuro Game’s Punishing Gray Raven, I was, of course, also enthralled by the idea of playing another one of their titles. As a result, my expectations of the game were sky-high.

It certainly didn’t help that I couldn’t curb my anticipation. That’s what never qualifying for a single one of their testing periods will do to a person.

But I decided that it must be fate that I couldn’t get in ahead of the general public. Maybe the universe wanted me to experience the game only in the state the developers felt confident about. And so, fast forward many centuries (months) later, we finally arrived at the present.


So, was all the hype and waiting worth it? Were my expectations met? They were!

… Mostly.

Look, I won’t shill a game created by one of my favorite developers without pointing out the elephant in the room. That is, Wuthering Waves has one of the most atrociously boring opening acts I’ve seen from a major mobile game developer. It even beats the slog that is Arknights’ entire story.

Having to spend the first few hours clicking through only marginally interesting dialogue was a major pain. Of course, there’s a good story hiding behind the walls of text. But couldn’t they have mixed some gameplay amidst all the exposition? Surely, they could’ve. While sure, you technically can skip most of the cutscenes, the long and particularly cumbersome ones aren't (currently) skippable. So, you have no choice but to destroy your left mouse button to get past them.


Unfortunately, Wuthering Waves opens up to that kind of experience immediately. This can easily hurt its chances of keeping players eager to play with its combat system. Of course, this isn’t true for those who play open-world games like Skyrim, where they would take the first opportunity to veer off the main storyline and do something else.

But unlike Skyrim, you must suffer through the game’s tiresome narrative because essential features are locked behind story progression. Most notable among these is the gacha, which is, of course, one of the main attractions for mobile games.

And unlike Skyrim, Wuthering Waves' side quests are also mostly just bad. But unlike its main campaign, it’s additionally handicapped by the fact that it’s not voiced and the background music doesn’t do it any favors. In a way, it’s no different from playing a visual novel while on a bus; it’s monotonous, and your only "tunes" are the background noise of wherever it is you’re playing.


Thankfully, the game is saved by its amazing combat system. It’s fast, technical, and plays like a dream. The team building is also amazing. Wuthering Waves’ Intro and Outro skills bring a lot of possibilities to the table, especially when more characters are released. It’s also accompanied by amazing visuals and hard-hitting sound effects, and the characters are very likable despite most of them only having a few minutes of screen time. However, this will change once you gain access to the companion stories.

The puzzles are also a lot of fun (or I just have an addiction to Connect the Dots puzzles).

Overall, Wuthering Waves is essentially an excellent game covered by a disappointingly cheap case. Sure, you can enjoy the content, but you’ll have to get past the story and its lack of good background music first. But those who persevere will be rewarded.

Pros of Wuthering Waves

Things Wuthering Waves Got Right
Checkmark Highly Technical Combat
Checkmark Awesome Team Building Design
Checkmark Punchy Sound Effects
Checkmark Elegant and Practical Visuals
Checkmark Easy Daily Grind
Checkmark Very Forgiving Gacha Mechanics (For Weapons)

Highly Technical Combat


Wuthering Waves’ combat obviously takes a lot of inspiration from the developer’s previous title, Punishing Gray Raven. It revolves around managing a team of three, with a main damage dealer being supported by their two merry companions. The game also gives particular importance to timing certain actions, such as dodges and attacks. This can be felt with the game's parry mechanic, which can take players quite some time to master.

Movement mechanics also play a part in combat, especially if they take place in the overworld. Since your characters can simply vault over small obstacles or run up sheer walls quickly, you’ll never feel your pace slowed down by anything, provided that you were anticipating it.

Wuthering Waves’ ability to maintain its brisk pace is its greatest achievement. Regardless of what it throws at you, there is no shortage of tools and methods to keep going on the offensive. Distance also isn’t an issue, as you can simply start the battle from afar. Even enemy attacks present opportunities for you to pile on the damage.

Awesome Team Building Design


The impact of a character’s Intro and Outro skills (essentially skills that activate when they switch in and out, respectively) in creating teams is impossible to understate. These are assigned seemingly at random to specific Resonators, allowing them to either expand their roles or double down on one particular duty.

A great example of the former is Danjin, who, despite having a kit that screams "use me as a main damage dealer," can also act as a support with her Outro skill that increases the next character’s Havoc damage. That means she can counterintuitively support the Rover’s Havoc form, who’s the kind of character designed to double down in their role as a damage dealer.

Other intro and outro skills have effects that range from healing to gathering enemies, etc. As a consequence of the diversity of intro and outro skills, many team combinations are possible under the right circumstances to perform specific functions. For example, a team composed of Encore, Jianxin, and Verina or Baizhi can theoretically clear every overworld content due to their balanced offensive and defensive capabilities. Meanwhile, Havoc Rover, Danjin, and Verina can tackle high-level bosses easily.


Of course, great team building doesn’t mean only opportunities are provided to you. Balance also matters. That’s where the genius of only being able to use three Resonators really manifests, as the limited slots mean you can’t build a team that can handle everything in the game.

The overworld team with Encore, Jianxin, and Verina, for example, can’t tackle high-level Tower of Adversity content due to Jianxin not being much help with adhering to time limits. On the other hand, Havoc Rover, Danjin, and Verina do not have any defensive options, necessitating good parries and dodges to survive.

Punchy Sound Effects


The great thing about having headphones on is that you can turn up the volume as much as you want, provided you don’t severely damage your eardrums (much). Befitting Kuro Game’s reputation, Wuthering Waves’ audio perfectly enhances the experience of fighting through swathes of enemies with cold and hot weapons on hand. Thanks to its pace, the sound effects hit hard and fast, with barely any room to breathe.

Ironically enough, sound gives weight to attacks, especially in frenetic action games like this. And Wuthering Waves’ audio certainly doesn’t disappoint.

Elegant and Practical Visuals


Keeping with its pursuit of consistent momentum, Wuthering Waves’ characters possess skills that do not waste your time with long animations. Their attacks are swift, and the downtime between their hits is short. Similarly, even their ultimate skills are fast, including the cinematic cut-ins.

Instead of aesthetic beauty, Wuthering Waves pursued practicality. It prioritized its goal rather than flexing the visual expertise it has gained over the years. And that’s fine. There’s beauty in practicality, and what the game does have at the moment is rightfully alluring.

Easy Daily Grind


Certain live service games' troublesome daily grind to farm materials and currency is a big pain point. Depending on the game, some can take two or three hours just to finish, while others allow players to clear their tasks within the same time as smoking a cigarette (don’t).

Fortunately, Wuthering Waves’ daily grind can be accomplished within just fifteen or so minutes of playing the game. For a title with no Auto-play on its long list of features, that’s a very short amount of time. Hence, even the busiest member of society can easily log in once a day, accomplish all their tasks, and then move on.

Very Forgiving Gacha Mechanics (For Weapons)


Kuro Game’s previous title, Punishing Gray Raven, was notable not only for its amazing combat but also for its free-to-play-friendly gacha system. That’s because event banners in PGR guarantee that you can obtain the rate-up character on every pull of an SSR. Unlike other titles that ran 50-50 mechanics, there was no need to be nervous about failing the coin flip. And unlike other titles with point exchange mechanics at 200 pulls, PGR’s hard pity was a mere 60.

In other words, collecting characters in PGR was very easy and could even be done for every other banner for free-to-play users.

That friendly gacha mechanic is back in Wuthering Waves, albeit only on the Weapon banners. Hence, collecting them is a simple matter of just getting lucky on gacha (which I never was). The only bummer is that the hard pity for Weapons on Wuthering Waves is at 80, which is quite a lot of pulls.

Cons of Wuthering Waves

Things That Wuthering Waves Can Improve
Checkmark It Has A Borefest Of An Opening
Checkmark Lacks Engaging Music
Checkmark Character Gacha Is Punishing
Checkmark Very Grindy Post-Game

It Has A Borefest Of An Opening


Oh, boy. I don’t even know where to start with this.

Wuthering Waves’ story, especially the first few acts, suffers from several problems simultaneously. While only a few are major issues, the collective damage they can deal to a player’s first impressions cannot be understated.

Its biggest and most blatant mistake is how it dumps an excessive amount of unnecessarily verbose slop toward your way, seemingly in an attempt to fabricate intrigue and paint its world. While this is sometimes fine, it’s only forgivable if it had a mix of actual gameplay to entertain yourself with. Instead, you’re stuck reading through scores of dialogue with questionable importance while wondering when the actual Open World Action RPG gameplay will start.

And it lasts for around two hours…


Another issue with the story is how it throws many of its characters at you right at the start. Yanyang aside, the game also introduces over a dozen characters as part of your initiation — even more if you consider those whose names are merely mentioned. With practically none of them aside from Yangyang having more than a few minutes of screentime, they’re all regrettably limited to forgettable parts of your early game experience.

That is a big shame, really. Considering Kuro Game’s experience with writing backstories as they have in Punishing Gray Raven, I have no doubt that these characters all have interesting lores behind their design.

Unfortunately, it looks like we’ll have to wait for some time before that becomes apparent (if true).


Before moving forward, the last problem I want to mention is Wuthering Waves’ baffling obsession with piecing clues together. While this is often what happens when games enter a phase of gathering information for subsequent confrontations, I found it funny that Wuthering Waves engaged in this twice within the first couple of hours of gameplay.

In addition, the Rover's involvement in this detective work is confusing because she technically is a foreigner among those she drags into it. Like, why does everyone trust the Rover almost unconditionally right at the start? It makes no sense. Only weird people with strange power fantasies would like getting the VIP treatment from complete strangers and without reason.

Even if things improve later on (which it kinda does), the damage has already been done. In terms of marketing, Wuthering Waves has already failed the first ten seconds of its hook, which can and will drive certain players away. At the very least, the narrative does become better (for whatever that’s worth), starting from UL14 (Union Level) and above.

Lacks Engaging Music


Just like any other open-world RPG, Wuthering Waves boasts an incredible amount of side quests that you can access either purposefully or accidentally as you explore the map. This allows you to break away from the grind of exploring every nook and cranny of the region for loot, and it sets you on some very specific goals to work towards.

Now, usually, players like us are incentivized to work on these side quests with rewards, lore, or even some humor. For truly great games, you can experience a combination of all these things simultaneously. But, for Wuthering Waves, well…

There was a time when I thought that Wuthering Waves’ boring side content was due to a lack of everything short of rewards. However, after much time playing the game, I realized that most of my issues were caused by the game’s nearly non-existent, actually just forgettable music. It made reading the dialogue a chore and allowed the jokes to pass over my head.

Don't get me wrong, though. The boss fight tracks are absolute bangers. But by the end of the first week of the game’s release, I was already coping by playing the Punishing Gray Raven OST in the background for the every day non-boss fight grind. Yet, although Vanguard Sound Studio’s magic continues to make my heart race to this day, the end result is still inevitably difficult to accept since the music was distinctly PGR, not Wuthering Waves.

This lack of a good background track affects everything in the game and not just the side quests. It’s also a good reason why farming or exploring the overworld can get extremely dull. At the very least they could have made the BGM’s volume louder.

Character Gacha Is Punishing


Despite Wuthering Waves’ very attractive Weapon gacha system, it still uses the industry-standard (for some reason) 50-50 mechanic when pulling for a 5-star character. Although a soft pity at around 60 pulls and a hard pity at 80 somewhat lightens the blow, it still encourages skipping banners, particularly for those on a budget.

On top of that, the 5-star rates are also sub-1%, just like many other games. While common, that doesn’t excuse the really low chances of pulling for something many players would be forced to spend to get. In addition, the rate for 4-stars, which are usually the secondary targets for players engaging in the gacha, is at a shockingly low 6%.


The only somewhat nice aspect of the game’s character gacha is the Character Selection banner. It unlocks after you finish the discounted Novice banner and allows you to select a certain standard 5-star as its featured character.

Very Grindy Post-Game


Echoes are essential equipment to strengthen your Resonators. It allows them to increase their stats, such as their critical hit rates, energy recovery, elemental damage, etc. Hence, you’re going to have to farm those at some point, especially late in the game. However, the drop rate for these things is less than ideal, so you will inevitably look for more efficient ways to get them.

Enter Tacet Fields. These are spots on the map that spawn several waves of enemies upon activation. As a reward for clearing them, a reward node is spawned that costs 60 Waveplates to open. These are guaranteed to contain echoes that correspond to the Tacet Field you’re on.

So, why is this a problem? Because 60 Waveplates is hella expensive. To put it into perspective, that’s 50% more than what relic caverns in Honkai: Star Rail or three times what artifact domains in Genshin Impact request from you. Fortunately, it seems like the developers intend to address the Waveplate expenses in an upcoming patch.


The reason, I think, is very simple and is connected to the reason why you can farm endgame echoes on overworld enemies; Wuthering Waves simply doesn’t want you to get echoes from there. It wants you to roam the wilds, beat all sorts of enemies, and suck out their souls (figuratively) using your magic (figuratively) gourd.

And considering the multiple layers of RNG to get the perfect echo, you will have to get used to farming for hours for each character. On top of that, you’ll have to do it all over again if the substats you gain from them are bad.

This same philosophy can be applied to weapons since, due to the unreliable nature of gacha systems to get you specific items, you will often find yourself undergeared. Instead, the game allows you to craft weapons to assuage your situation a little. The only catch is that it takes a long, long while to gather materials to craft a single one.

Is Wuthering Waves Worth It?

It has a lot of wrinkles to straighten, but it’s worth your time.


To say that Wuthering Waves’ gameplay is good is an understatement. Kuro Game has brought its A game in the development of the combat system, and it shows; fights are incredibly fun and fast-paced, the movement is slick and dynamic, and it’s even accompanied by an incredible array of audiovisual effects.

However, to get to that point, you must get past its incredibly tedious opening acts. You’ll also have to put up with many hours of boring grind, hopefully with your own set of tunes. The returns are incredible, though, and I highly recommend the game.

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Wuthering Waves FAQ

Who’s the best character in Wuthering Waves?

It really depends on your preference. Right now, Encore, Verina, and Calcharo are top picks from the standard banner, while Jiyan is an excellent DPS.

How do you reroll in Wuthering Waves?

Risemaras (or rerolling) in Wuthering Waves is easy to do but hard to endure. All you have to do is to spend about thirty minutes going through the main story. Once the gacha is unlocked, you can immediately claim your giveaways in the mail and roll with them. If you don’t get who you want, you can either continue the game to hit pity or log in to another account and continue your risemara.

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Wuthering Waves Product Information

Wuthering Waves Cover
Release Date May 22, 2024
Developer Guangzhou Kuro Technology Co., Ltd.
Publisher Guangzhou Kuro Technology Co., Ltd.
Supported Platforms PC, Mobile
Genre Action, RPG
Number of Players 1
ESRB Rating N/A
Official Website Wuthering Waves Website


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Who wrote this? 1. As mentioned by others: you can pet cats 2. Music is great, difinetely above 7/10 rating 3. This review sounds like it was written after 10h gameplay so not so deep into the story. Yes, the beginning is slow, but later it's better (like in Genshin, beginning is very slow and annoying to a degree)

Jedi_Megaman18 days

There's an error here in this review, the con "you can't pet cats" is not true. You can pet MOST cats, just not all. You can even feed some too.

PlaySHEESHion518 days

By the way, you guys should definitely do something about the spam comments.

PlaySHEESHion518 days

The story gets better after you get past the first act, but yeah, it was pretty rough getting through it before then.

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