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SteamWorld Heist 2 Gameplay and Story Info | Everything We Know So Far


SteamWorld Heist 2 is a turn-based game where you’ll be playing as the captain of the Steambots crew. Read on to learn about its story and gameplay.

Everything We Know About SteamWorld Heist 2

SteamWorld Heist 2 Story Plot


In SteamWorld Heist II, the once tranquil seas are now plagued by a mysterious corrosion that threatens to consume everything in its path, including the robotic inhabitants that call it home. As the captain of a rag-tag crew of Steambots, it's up to you to lead the charge against this encroaching menace and restore peace to the turbulent waters.

SteamWorld Heist 2 Gameplay


One of the most exciting new features in SteamWorld Heist II is the addition of a sprawling world map to explore, offering players the opportunity to venture beyond the confines of their ship and engage in real-time naval combat against enemy vessels. SteamWorld Heist II also introduces a brand new job system with deep character customization options, allowing players to tailor their crew to suit their preferred playstyle.

SteamWorld Heist 2 Trailer

Newest Trailer

The trailer shows a thrilling voyage across the high seas of SteamWorld in the highly-anticipated sequel to the beloved SteamWorld Heist. It shows an engaging gameplay, stunning visuals, and richly detailed world to explore.

SteamWorld Heist 2 Product Information

SteamWorld Heist 2 Cover
Release Date August 8, 2024
Developer Thunderful Development
Publisher Thunderful Publishing
Supported Platforms Nintendo Switch, Steam (PC)
Genre Turn-Based, Action-Adventure
Number of Players 1
ESRB Rating E
Official Website SteamWorld Heist 2 Website


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