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Omega Crafter Gameplay and Story Info | Everything We Know So Far


Omega Crafter is a survival-crafting game set within a fictional game world that’s still under development. Read on to learn about everything we know, including gameplay and story information.

Everything We Know About Omega Crafter

Omega Crafter Story Plot


Omega Crafter is set within a fictional game world still under development. A game within a game. The said game is being attacked by a mysterious program, causing confusion and hindering development. Your role is to defend the in-game world to allow for the project to be completed by its release date. Explore and build cities while you take down the ferocious beasts made by the hostile program.

You’ll be accompanied by Grammi, your programmable sidekick. Grammi is easily programmable, making it an excellent companion that you could task with building, resource gathering, and fighting enemies. You could even program it to dance!

Omega Crafter Gameplay


Omega Crafter will feature the typical elements you’d find in open-world survival-crafting games, except for hunger and thirst meters, which don’t seem to be present in this game. You’ll have a procedurally generated open world to explore which will feature different biomes to explore. Each biome will have its own distinct landscape, monsters, materials, and secrets.

You’ll spend most of your time gathering resources to craft and upgrade weapons or build your dream city. Yes, it’s not just a house or a base, but an entire city. Don’t feel overwhelmed though, as your Grammi companion will definitely help you out and make it that much easier.


When you’re not doing any of the above, you’re probably fending off those pesky beasts from the hostile program that keeps disrupting the game’s development. Opt for melee combat with swords, shields, and axes, or you could take them down from a distance with bows and arrows.

Grammi isn’t just your typical NPC companion, and a lot of the game’s features center around the adorable program. Program it to build, fight, scavenge, and dance to help you in your quest to finally get this game fully developed before the release date.

Omega Crafter Trailer

Official Trailer

The trailer showcases the game’s different features. Gameplay footage of programming Grammi, building, combat, and scavenging are shown.

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Omega Crafter Product Information

Omega Crafter Cover
Release Date March 28, 2024
Developer Preferred Networks
Publisher Preferred Networks
Supported Platforms PC
Genre Open-world, Survival
Number of Players 1-6
ESRB Rating RP
Official Website N/A


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