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When is FF7 Rebirth PC Version Coming?


It has already been a week since the long-anticipated FF7 Rebirth was released! However, it’s only still playable on the PlayStation 5. How long would it take to launch on PC? Continue down the article to read our best guess!

FF7 Rebirth PC Release Date

Coming Out on the Epic Games Store Late 2025


If history is to be followed, then Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth(FF7RB) will most likely launch for the PC on the Epic Games Store(EGS) by late 2025, and eventually on Steam at least 6 months later. This was the case with Final Fantasy 7 Remake, when it was officially released in April 2020 and came to PC over a year later in December 2021. The PC port was a version that included the base FF7RM game with the ‘Intergrade’ DLC that featured a new playable character in Yuffie Kisaragi. The EGS version was the only PC port that was only available from December 2021 to June 2022, until it was released on Steam. It’s too early to guess any kind of potential DLC FF7RB will have, but in the case, it does receive it, it will most likely be packaged with the base game when it reaches PC at least a year from now.

Although being under different development teams, it should also be noted that SE will also eventually release Final Fantasy 16 on PC within the year, so any morsel of hope one could have of it being released this year should be thrown away. The video game developer and publisher will most definitely make sure to not have two of its massive titles clash against each other on their highly-anticipated PC releases.

Why Release on the Epic Games Store First?


We can posit that FF developers Square Enix(SE) have made a deal with EGS owners Epic Games to port their games on EGS exclusively for certain durations before being released on the other digital PC storefront, Steam. This deal was most likely a condition between SE and Epic in agreement with SE utilizing Epic’s proprietary gaming engine, Unreal Engine 4(UE4) for their[SE] games.

Other Square Enix Titles That Got the EGS-Exclusive Treatment


Other than FF7RM Intergrade, another SE game developed using UE4, "NEO: The World Ends With You," got its PC port on EGS in July 2021, and only found its way to Steam over a year later in October 2022.


Curiously, another significant SE franchise, Kingdom Hearts(KH), has yet to be released on Steam even after its PC port on EGS. Though the majority of KH titles were not initially developed using UE4, its HD collections and the newest games were. Thus, they have been EGS exclusive on PC since their release in March 2021.


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