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Pacific Drive, a first-person driving survival game, is coming soon. Read on to learn about its story, gameplay, and first impressions.

Everything We Know About Pacific Drive

Pacific Drive Story Plot


Pacific Drive puts you in a surreal but equally frightening reimagining of the Pacific Northwest, where strange occurrences are common and supernatural dangers are looming. Your only partner is your station wagon, which is somewhat reliable when it’s not breaking down into pieces. Explore the Olympic Exclusion Zone, an abandoned research site, where you scavenge for resources and unravel the mysteries surrounding the peculiar location.

Pacific Drive Gameplay


Pacific Drive is a first-person driving survival game. In each run, you’ll be scavenging for resources while trying to outrun supernatural entities and a Zone Storm, the latter of which obliterates anything in its path. Use the resources to customize, improve, and reinforce your station wagon in your garage, which also serves as your home base. Do all these while you investigate deeper into the Zone’s strange mysteries. You could leave your car to interact with the environment, mostly to get supplies. However, only do so when you're sure it's safe, or if you absolutely need to. Most importantly, stay alive and be careful.

In a 9-minute video uploaded by IGN, Creative Director Alexander Dracott and Game Director Seth Rosen reveal extended gameplay from the game. They show how the garage functions as your home base, where you can work on your station wagon and scout your paths for the next run. Once departing from the garage, you may look at your surroundings at all times to see potential loot or shelter. They show-off the game' dynamic weather and day system where it turns from day to night, and from sunny to rainy. Various anomalies throughout the streets can also be spotted, where you must get out of your car to investigate and learn more about them.

Pacific Drive Trailer

Extended Gameplay Look

The Extended Gameplay trailer has the game's Creative Director Alexander Dracott and Game Director Seth Rosen narrate a 9 minute run from the game.

Release Date Trailer

The trailer showcases the game’s reimagined take on the Pacific Northwest region, and further expounds on the lore it comes with via a radio broadcast discussing the strange occurrences in the area. Additionally, it shows gameplay footage of driving, customization, and other survival features.

Pacific Drive Product Information

Pacific Drive Cover
Release Date February 22, 2024
Developer Ironwood Studios
Publisher Kepler Interactive
Supported Platforms PC, PS5
Genre Adventure, Survival, Sci-Fi
Number of Players 1
ESRB Rating RP
Official Website Pacific Drive Website


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