Project Nornium Gameplay and Story Info | Everything We Know So Far


Project Nornium is a mech-based gacha action RPG that includes quick and intense space combat and roguelike elements. Read on to learn about our first impressions of the game, its story, and gameplay.

Everything We Know About Project Nornium

Project Nornium Story Plot


Experience cosmic ARPG air combat in the world of Nornium! It is the end of the 22nd century, and the current civilization is built upon the ideas of "astrology." It has come to a point where more people believe in feng shui, voodoo, spiritualism, hypnosis, and ancestral medicine rather than actual science…

Project Nornium Gameplay


The game is a mech-themed action RPG with a focus on real-time space combat and roguelike elements. Judging from the trailer and other promotional material that the devs have put out, the game plays similarly to games like Genshin Impact in terms of exploration, and Zone of the Enders and Armored Core for its combat.

Project Nornium Trailer

Newest Trailer

The trailer showcases the game’s different aspects from its exploration, combat, and narrative sequences.

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Project Nornium Product Information

Project Nornium Cover
Release Date TBA
Developer Flairing Cloister
Publisher Flairing Cloister
Supported Platforms Mobile, PC (Steam)
Genre Action RPG
Number of Players 1
ESRB Rating N/A
Official Website Project Nornium Website


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