Nine Sols Gameplay and Story Info | Everything We Know So Far


Follow the forgotten hero Yi as he enacts Vengeance on the Nine Sols, the rulers of the forsaken realm. Read on to learn how it plays, what it’s about, and everything else we know so far.

Everything We Know About Nine Sols

Nine Sols Story Plot

The promised land of New Kunlun is the Solarians’ last sanctuary, and peace has been maintained across the vast realm for numerous centuries since the gods gifted it to the mortals. However, the inhabitants have been blind to the truths of the realm since its inception, as they need not go against the sacred rituals. However, a child alters the peace when they awaken the long-forgotten hero, Yi.

Follow Yi as he travels across the forsaken realm for revenge against the Nine Sols, the most powerful rulers of the world.

Nine Sols Gameplay

Nine Sols is a 2D action-platformer featuring gorgeous hand-drawn art set in a Taopunk world– a fusion of Easter Taoist themes and Cyberpunk. You will engage in deeply engrossing combat inspired by Sekiro in order to slay any foe that steps ahead of your path and defeat the Nine Sols, powerful bosses interspersed across the game. Conjure your weapons in an instant to slash and stab your enemies as you dodge and weave through their defenses with your mobility.

If you’re not the type to be willy, Nine Sols incorporates Sekiro’s most beloved feature, the deflection mechanic that allows you to perfectly parry and reflect back enemy attacks. You may use it to precisely negate damage from melee and beam-based attacks, or deflect projectiles back onto their launchers.

As you defeat enemy after enemy, you must venture through the dangerous Taopunk world filled with traps and obstacles, demanding you to be quick on your feet and react to environmental hazards. Though, sometimes, you can just have a serene look at the world for its sacred divine beauty.

Nine Sols Trailers

Official Release Date Trailer

The official release date trailer is the long-awaited announcement of the game’s completion and launch after being in development from its crowdfunding for nearly two years. It briefly shows the backstory of Yi and the tragedy that ‘befell’ him enacted by a mysterious shadowy figure. It then shows the various combat and mechanics the game will have, from the combat, art, and music.

Crowdfunding Trailer

The crowdfunding trailer is the enticing and jaw-dropping reveal of the game back when it launched its crowdfunding campaign back in 2022. It shows off fantastic hand-drawn visuals in its cutscenes, character animations, and special effects. Not only that, it showed off highly-polished combat gameplay that heavily utilizes a deflection mechanic inspired by Sekiro.

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Nine Sols Product Information

Nine Sols Banner
Release Date May 29, 2024
Developer RedCandleGames
Publisher RedCandleGames
Supported Platforms PC(Steam)
Genre Action, 2D Platformer
Number of Players 1
Rating Not Yet Rated
Official Website RedCandleGames Official Website


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