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NBA Superstars Gameplay and Story Info | Everything We Know So Far


Play as your favorite NBA athletes in this modern take of arcade basketball in NBA Superstars! Read on to learn how it plays, what it’s about, and everything else we know so far.

Everything We Know About NBA Superstars

NBA Superstars Story Plot

NBA Superstars doesn’t have a strict narrative or plot, but rather will be about players picking out their favorite teams and athletes to compete against each other online in the court of competitive basketball! Perhaps tensions will rise when two players choose rival teams or star players known for their rivalry, as there will be over 30 NBA teams with as much as 120 NBA players to choose from!

NBA Superstars Gameplay

NBA Superstars harkens back to the old arcade NBA Jam of old with a modern twist, sporting classic 3v3 basketball battles where up to four players can control the athletes during the game! NBA Superstars is not meant to be a realistic simulation game similar to the 2k series, but has that arcade feel where players can perform a multitude of exaggerated moves!

The introduction of the Superstar mode seems to further expand that long-forgotten arcade feeling, where certain star athletes can seemingly enter the mode to enhance all their abilities, from speed, shooting accuracy, dunk prowess, and jump height!

NBA Superstars will have full online capability with free sign up for players to keep track of their stats! Play will not be limited to the physical arcades, as you may match up against other players online to see who can hoop better!

Last but not least, the game will have the commentary of the legendary voice of sports games, Tim Kitzrow!

NBA Superstars Trailers

Official Trailer

The official trailer is the surprising reveal of NBA Superstars, where it embodies the spirit of the beloved classic NBA Jam that was a hit in arcades back in the early 1990’s. Now with a fresh modern take, NBA Superstars goes all out with a slew of features, such as having 30 NBA teams and 120 characters, all fully-kitted up in a massive and shiny arcade cabinet!

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NBA Superstars Product Information

NBA Superstars Banner
Release Date Summer 2024
Developer Play Mechanix
Publisher Raw Thrills
Supported Platforms Arcade Cabinets
Genre Arcade, Sports, Simulator
Number of Players Single-Cabinet(1-4), Online (1-4)
Rating RP
Official Website Raw Thrills Official Website


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