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NBA Superstars Release Date and Time


NBA Superstars is the modern revival of the classic arcade game NBA Jam developed by Play Mechanix under Raw Thrills! Read on to learn about its release date, its price, and its target platforms.

NBA Superstars Release Date and Time

Out in Arcades This Coming Summer 2024!


NBA Superstars is a full arcade cabinet that will be available to play on arcades! As of writing, there has been no indication that the game will be released on other platforms, but it could very well follow its predecessor’s steps, as NBA Jam was first exclusively an arcade game that found its way to console platforms.

No exact date of release has been specified, but a window of Summer 2024 has been revealed!

We’ll keep you up to date with all news regarding where and when it might come out, so stay tuned!

NBA Superstars Pre-Orders

NBA Superstars is currently not available to pre-order through conventional means due to it being a full-fledged arcade cabinet with all sorts of bits, bobs, and accessories. It will eventually find its way to physical arcades throughout the United States where players may get their hands on it!

According to the Flip N Out website, the arcade machine will cost $14,995, whereas The Pinball Company lists it a $16,999.
You may pre-order the machines from their wesites below:
 ⚫︎ Flip N Out website
 ⚫︎ The Pinball Company

Keep in touch if you’re interested, as we’ll be keeping an eye on other developing news!

Is NBA Superstars on Xbox Game Pass?

The game will not be available on Xbox Game Pass, as it is an exclusive arcade cabinet game.

Is NBA Superstars on PS Plus?

Being an arcade cabinet game, it will not become available for PS Plus.

NBA Superstars Trailers

Official Trailer

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NBA Superstars Product Information

NBA Superstars Banner
Release Date Summer 2024
Developer Play Mechanix
Publisher Raw Thrills
Supported Platforms Arcade Cabinets
Genre Arcade, Sports, Simulator
Number of Players Single-Cabinet(1-4), Online (1-4)
Rating RP
Official Website Raw Thrills Official Website


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