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Manor Lords Gameplay and Story Info | Everything We Know So Far


Manor Lords is a historically accurate base-builder strategy game inspired by the late 14th century Franconia. Read on to learn everything we know about the game, including gameplay and story information.

Everything We Know About Manor Lords

Manor Lords Story Plot


Manor Lords is a strategy game where you play as a medieval lord. Instead of the traditional linear story most games feature, your decisions shape the game’s story. Build and grow your city from the ground up, manage your citizens, and interact with the other lords around you. You may choose to befriend and ally with neighboring lords, or insult them and wage war. The story is all about you as a lord and how you choose to act with the cards you are dealt.

Manor Lords Gameplay


Manor Lords features the typical elements you’d find in city-building strategy games. The game is rooted in historical accuracy, avoiding common medieval tropes if they aren’t historically accurate. You’ll be building your city freely without having to worry about grids and such. The building mechanics are inspired by how real medieval towns and villages were built and grown. Build outwards from the central market, and decide how you want to build your residential, commercial, and industrial districts. Use the terrain wisely. Some areas are more suitable for certain things than others. An area with fertile soil is often very well suited for farming, while land rich in minerals may be turned into a great mining site.

As the lord, you’ll have to make plenty of decisions for your villagers. Give them a place to stay, assign them jobs, and collect taxes. Guide them through the seasons. Enjoy the bountiful spring and prepare them for the harsh winters. Your people are essential to your growth, being responsible for paying taxes, collecting resources, growing crops, and if needed, defending your land.

You aren’t the only lord around, as the land around you is vast and filled with other communities. Each of you are ambitious leaders, who move to further their own community’s interest. This ambition will inevitably lead to conflict. Engage in diplomatic activity with them. Alliances and enemies are made by how you interact or respond to them.

War is a terrible thing, but we must always be prepared for it. Train your soldiers to be more effective warriors, and if need be, recruit costly mercenaries to bolster your ranks. Remember, these are not expendable troops, but rather, your contributing citizens. A victory with great casualties will not feel like a victory, as your village will definitely feel the cost of war. Lead them in battle strategically, and minimize casualties.

Manor Lords Trailer

Gameplay Trailer

The trailer showcases the game’s different aspects such as city-building, village management, diplomatic affairs, and real-time strategy battles.

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Manor Lords Product Information

Manor Lords Cover
Release Date April 26, 2024
Developer Slavic Magic
Publisher Hooded Horse
Supported Platforms PC, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One
Genre Strategy, City-builder
Number of Players 1
ESRB Rating RP
Official Website Manor Lords Website


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