Kitchen Crisis Gameplay and Story Info | Everything We Know So Far


Aliens have abducted a bunch of chefs and are now demanding tons of food! Place your food stations, command the chefs, and let them cook! Read on to learn how it plays, what it’s about, and everything else we know so far.

Everything We Know About Kitchen Crisis

Kitchen Crisis Story Plot

You and your crew of cooks have just been abducted by aliens! You are now imprisoned in a kitchen and must serve the demands of aliens who are starving. Cook up a storm, feed the waves of aliens, and survive to see another day!

Kitchen Crisis Gameplay

Kitchen Crisis is a cooking tower defense game where you must strategically place your cooking stations to feed passing aliens that spawn from the portal. The extraterrestrial customers must be fed and completely satisfied before reaching the end portal, where you’ll take damage every time they don’t!

Place your stations strategically and accordingly to bolster your culinary defenses and aptitude in order to fully satisfy the hordes of other lifeforms. Command your chef to their stations and let them cook!

On the game’s Steam page, they mention using a website that uses AI to generate music, and so we can expect as much for the game’s OST.

Kitchen Crisis Trailers

Gameplay Trailer (ENG)

The gameplay trailer shows off the game’s uniquely charming tower defense premise, where you must cook meals for passing alien hordes in order to survive the following day. It features tower/food station placement, chef management, and upgrades to help you satisfy your customers.

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Kitchen Crisis Product Information

Kitchen Crisis Banner
Release Date April 2, 2024
Developer Team Samoyed
Publisher Team Samoyed
Supported Platforms PC(Steam)
Genre Rogue-lite, Tower Defense, Cooking
Number of Players 1
Rating Not Yet Rated
Official Website Team Samoyed Official Twitter/X Account


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