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Stellar Blade’s Skin Suit Makes It Harder


Eve’s Skin Suit will apparently make Stellar Blade harder to play. Read on to learn more about this, the details of the Skin Suit, and Eve's other suits.

Eve’s Skin Suit Will Raise Game Difficulty

Skin Suit Will Disable Shield if Equipped

  • [1] screenshot from Inside GamersPrey

Previously, Stellar Blade director Kim Jong Tae asserted that the cosmetics within the game would have no impact on gameplay and would be purely aesthetic. However, this statement appears to be contradicted by the introduction of Eve's Skin Suit, which garnered viral attention across social media platforms for its revealing nature that accentuates Eve's body proportions.

As highlighted by Automaton Media, the Skin Suit comes with an intriguing description in the cosmetics menu, where it describes that the suit is crafted by Mother Sphere, functioning akin to living skin. Notably, the description concludes with a crucial detail where the "shield is disabled when you put on this Skin Suit."

This revelation implies that the protective shield, which typically provides additional health and defense against enemies during combat, will be rendered inactive when this skin is equipped. It appears that this particular suit is the only one to feature such a disabling effect, as other suits revealed in the demo lack a similar description in their bios.

This was confirmed by Hyung-Tae Kim, the game director of Stellar Blade, who emphasized in an interview with Famitsu that the game's difficulty will "increase dramatically" due to the Skin Suit. He advises players to prioritize wearing clothing "as much as possible" to navigate the heightened challenge effectively.

Having tested the demo ourselves, we can verify that the Skin Suit indeed deactivates EVE's shield, rendering her more susceptible to damage. However, it remains uncertain whether this aspect will be retained in the final release.

Despite Director Kim's cautionary remarks, some players are already demonstrating their prowess with the Skin Suit by showcasing "no damage" runs, defeating enemies and bosses without sustaining any hits.

Stellar Blade’s viral NSFW Skin Suit will raise the game’s difficulty

Stellar Blade Director Famitsu Interview

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