Palworld Glitch Turns Pals into Big Bois


Palworld players have recently reported rare occurrences of Pals growing to gigantic sizes. Read on to learn which Pals have been reported to grow ginormous by players.

Palworld Players Report Abnormally Large Pals

Mate, That's a Big Vixy

As picked up by gaming news outlet Automaton, players encountered instances where certain Pals become much larger than usual, although only a few were documented so far. Reddit user u/kaityl3 shared an image showing a gigantic Vixy towering over its surroundings caused by the unusual bug.

"Every time I return to my base, my lucky Vixy gets bigger," wrote the player on Reddit. They subsequently shared a YouTube video where Vixy can be seen smothering "their friends to death" with its heft.


  • [1] Screenshot via Reddit

Responding to questions from fellow players, the user explained that the glitch appears to primarily affect their first lucky Vixy when placed in the base. They noted that removing and replacing the Pal temporarily restores its normal size but that it eventually resumes growing again.

Additionally, the user noted, "It seems to happen most often when my 3 lucky Vixy are all put next to each other in the base UI. It also happened once when I fast travelled to my base and syndicate thugs spawned; Vixy was normal size, then suddenly glitched on top of something and started rapidly spinning and growing."

Other players reported similar occurrences involving other Pals, including Anubis, indicating that the bug may not be specific to a single type of Pal. Although official Palworld accounts have made no mention of the bug, it seems to have since then been fixed with the recent patch update implemented early this month.

Palworld players report rare cases of gigantic Pals
[1] Reddit thread


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