FF7 Rebirth's Cloud Brainwashed by Sephiroth... To Love Donbei Noodles

FF7 Rebirth's latest promotional ad features the iconic Final Fantasy rivals, Cloud and Sephiroth, in an intense Nissin Donbei Kitsune Udon standoff. Read on to learn more about the chaotic ad masterpiece.

Sephiroth Transforms in FF7 Rebirth x Nissin Donbei Ad


FF7 Rebirth collaborated with Nissin in an ad to promote Nissin’s Donbei Kitsune Udon noodles. The ad was a remake of the scene depicting Sephiroth during the aftermath of Nibelheim in the hands of the One Winged Angel himself, alongside Cloud.

Sephiroth, the legendary silver-haired villain with a flair for the dramatics, got an ironically cute makeover with fox tail and ears, becoming the "don-gitsune" spirit animal of Donbei noodles lore. Standing amid flames and descending from a floating gigantic block of tofu, Sephiroth brandished a bowl of udon noodles with the kind of intensity usually reserved after you completely wreck someone's hometown.


Meanwhile, the perpetually perplexed protagonist, Cloud, found himself in a noodle-related nightmare as Sephiroth continued to torment and pressure him to eat some Donbei Kitsune Udon.

And so, the Donbei Udon tension-filled drama unfolded, with Sephiroth chanting "Donbei. Donbei. Donbei," in a chilling, ominous tone. Doubling down on the hilarious absurdity, our poor hero Cloud, after begrudgingly scarfing down the noodles, received a megaton 7777 HP boost.

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Before FF7 Rebirth arrives, Sephiroth would like to offer you some Donbei Udon


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