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FF16 Understands What Players Really Want and Reduces Torgal Petting Cooldown


As the release of Final Fantasy 16 (FF16)'s highly anticipated DLC, The Rising Tide, draws near, Square Enix has rolled out a comprehensive new update 1.31, including a remarkable, fun action change.

Square Enix Rolls Out FF16 Update Ahead of The Rising Tide DLC

Bug Fixes, Battle Adjustments, Eikon Ability Adjustments, and More!


In line with the upcoming release of FF16 DLC The Rising Tide, Square Enix recently released Update 1.31. "The update also allows for the purchase and installation of the DLC package The Rising Tide," Square Enix confirmed in the announcement.

Aside from routine patches and bug fixes, it also introduces several quality-of-life (QoL) improvements that players have been eagerly awaiting since the game's launch in 2023. These include customizable controller layouts, battle adjustments, and various Eikonic ability & feat adjustments. As such, players can now save up to 5 skill sets, swappable using the "L1" and "R1" buttons.


Among the slew of improvements and additions, one particular update has caught the attention of many: “Made adjustments to when Torgal can be petted and lowered time before re-petting.” Although this Torgal update was not further detailed, it reduces the cooldown time between petting Torgal, the protagonist's loyal wolf companion, to show it more affection without having to wait as long between interactions. This definitely makes obtaining the 'You Can Pet the Dog' trophy easier. Petting Torgal five times unlocks this trophy.


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