Pokémon Legends Z-A Trailer Analysis: Time Period, Plot And Other Possible Details

Pokémon just released a teaser trailer of their new game titled, Pokémon Legends Z-A. Read on to learn our theories and analysis of the game’s time period, plot, and other possible details.

Pokémon Legends Z-A Trailer Analysis

Legends Z-A Could Take Place In Pokémon’s Version of 19th Century France

In a surprise twist that caught many fans off guard, rather than unveiling a long-awaited Generation 5 Remake, Pokémon has pulled back the curtain to reveal something entirely unexpected: a sequel to Legends Arceus titled Pokémon Legends Z-A.

While the announcement trailer for Z-A didn't reveal any gameplay footage, it treated fans to a captivating CGI trailer set in Lumiose City. According to the trailer and its description, Lumiose City will serve as the primary setting for this exciting new adventure.

The trailer showcases an urban redevelopment plan that envisions a harmonious coexistence between people and Pokémon.


As the trailer continues, we see that the blueprint of the development plan comes to life in a digital-like state, viewers are transported to a vibrant world where Pikachu and other Pokémon stroll through the iconic city, showcasing the bond between humans and Pokémon.

While details on the plot are still unknown, drawing parallels with the historical context, we speculate that Pokémon Legends Z-A might be set in the past, to a time long before humans and Pokémon enjoyed such seamless harmony, akin to its predecessor, Legends Arceus.

Given that Kalos, the region housing Lumiose City, is inspired by France, particularly Paris, it's plausible that the game transports players to Pokémon's version of 19th-century France.

Parallels Between Paris and Lumiose City


This era marked a significant period of urbanization and remodeling, mirroring the themes seen in the CGI trailer. Notably, sketches of buildings in the trailer bear a striking resemblance to Haussmannian architecture characteristic of 19th-century France.

In addition to this, the redevelopment blueprints bares striking similarities with the renovation plan for Paris.

In the 19th century, Paris underwent a grand redevelopment due to its dark, dangerous, and unsanitary streets. If Pokémon Legends Z-A reflects this historical backdrop, we might envision a darker, gothic-era city, offering a captivating juxtaposition to the vibrant future of Lumiose City.

The redevelopment plan for Lumiose City gains context when considering the potential perilous coexistence of Pokémon and humans, echoing the historical struggle for safety and harmony in 19th Century Paris.

The Role of Mega Evolution in Legends Z-A


Towards the end of the trailer, a brief glimpse of the Mega Evolution Key Stone symbol was teased. This beloved feature, first introduced in Pokémon X and Y, seems poised to make a triumphant comeback, igniting excitement among fans worldwide.

While the story of X and Y suggests that Rayquaza was the first Pokémon to undergo Mega Evolution, an ancient Kalos legend recounted at the Tower of Mastery speaks of a Trainer and their Lucario arriving in the region ages ago.


This duo stumbled upon two peculiar stones, igniting the world's first Mega Evolution. With the trailer teasing Mega Evolution, speculation arises that the protagonist of this Kalos legend could be the visionary behind Lumiose City's rebirth.

Much like Georges-Eugène Haussmann, the architect behind Paris' transformation, this enigmatic figure may be at the helm of Lumiose City's revitalization efforts. With his profound bond with Lucario, he could symbolize hope for a future where Pokémon and humans peacefully coexist.

Riley's Connection To Legends Z-A

Following the trend set by Legends Arceus, which explores the ancestors of characters from Pokémon games, it's plausible that the mastermind behind Lumiose City's transformation is the ancestor of Riley. Riley, like the legendary figure of Kalos, shares an unshakable bond with his partner Lucario.

While there's little direct evidence to support this theory, akin to the person in the Kalos Legend, Riley is not a Lumiose citizen; rather, he's a renowned Aura Guardian from Sinnoh. Similar to the legend who journeyed to Lumiose, Riley's role is to travel the world, performing altruistic deeds and imparting his innate ability to sense Pokémon emotions.

Considering Mega Evolution hinges on the deep connection between trainer and Pokémon, it's plausible that Aura Guardians played a role in its creation. It's conceivable that the Kalos Legend was an Aura Guardian themselves.

By demonstrating Mega Evolution, a testament to the strength of this bond, he may seek to inspire trust among Lumiose's denizens, paving the way for their shared vision of a utopian city where Pokémon and humans thrive side by side.

Masters EX Event May Have Teased Pokémon Legends Z-A Lore

As if to reinforce this theory, Pokémon Masters EX, in sync with the trailer's revelations, recently launched an in-game event featuring Riley and Lucario.

While it could be dismissed as happenstance, the timing and thematic alignment seem too deliberate to ignore. Could this event be a subtle nod to Riley's lineage and his pivotal role in Lumiose's transformation? Only time will tell as the saga unfolds.

For more information on the release date and time of Pokémon Legends Z-A, check out the article below.


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