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INSPIRE Gameplay and Story Info | Everything We Know So Far


INSPIRE is a top-down action shooter from developer Nick Housmans. Read on to learn how it plays, what it’s about, and everything else we know so far.

Everything We Know About INSPIRE

INSPIRE Story Plot


INSPIRE’s story is set in a future where Earth is in the middle of an alien invasion. You are a Bionically Enhanced Collector, otherwise known as a B.E.C, employed by Earth’s global employment agency, Collector Corp.

Your life is on the verge of a life-changing transformation with the arrival of the Sentians, a mysterious extraterrestrial race. Will you become the unexpected hero that Earth desperately needs?

INSPIRE Gameplay


INSPIRE is a top-down action shooter set in a semi-open world filled with stylized environments and dynamic daily and seasonal cycles. As a B.E.C., you have access to a selection of high-powered weaponry that you can use to combat the aliens threatening to overrun your planet.


In addition to your weapons, you’re equipped with a transforming backpack companion, which can morph itself into various tools for traversal, offense, and defense, including a handy jetpack.

Although the game features plenty of shooter elements, it doesn’t seem to be a roguelike in the same vein as other top-down shooters like Nuclear Throne and Enter the Gungeon.


INSPIRE - Gameplay Trailer

INSPIRE’s latest trailer showcased the final build of a game four years in the making. Among the many environments shown in the trailer, several cutscenes and cinematics were also highlighted, along with Husman’s own techno score.

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INSPIRE Product Information

Release Date April 12, 2024
Developer Nick Housmans
Publisher Husman Games
Supported Platforms PC Steam
Genre Action, Shooter
Number of Players 1
ESRB Rating RP
Official Website N/A


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