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In Ex Astris, humans have discovered a tidally locked planet on the other side of a wormhole. Now they wish to uncover the secrets of the inhabitants, causing conflict. Read on to learn how it plays, what it’s about, and everything else we know so far.

Everything We Know About Ex Astris

Ex Astris Story Plot

Mankind has discovered a wormhole that proved possible to safely travel through. On the other side was a tidally locked planet known as Allindo, inhabited by a bustling civilization with vast physical similarities to humans. At first, the two species met and helped discover each others’ histories and cultures.

One such cultural practice was the "awakening" of Allindish youths, providing them with peculiar abilities and becoming "Astramorphs" Humans wished to further investigate and discover the truth behind them, but the expedition was immediately terminated just before finding out the truth. The people of Allindo have taken great offense to mankind’s curiosity, believing that humans have "violated their prohibition and laws." This led to the current conflict between Earth and Allindo that has transpired for nearly the last two decades.


During this time, a special set of talented individuals with special abilities was assembled to further investigate the mysteries of Allindo. You, the player, will be part of this very important investigation team.

Ex Astris Gameplay

Ex Astris is said to have a hybrid real-time and turn-based combat system, where players can control their party in combat to react to certain enemy attacks or act out combos in real-time during their turns.

It’s also a 3D RPG with world exploration, so modes of traversal such as running and zip-lining across various landscapes will be prevalent throughout the game.

Ex Astris Trailers

World Building PV Trailer

The world building trailer sets up the main lore and conflict of Ex Astris, where humans have discovered a similar species with peculiar powers on the other side of a wormhole.

Gameplay Showcase Trailer

The gameplay showcase trailer features snippets of the grand exploration and semi-turn-based combat that Ex Astris has.

Official Announcement Trailer

The announcement trailer briefly showcases mysterious landscapes and imagery that allude to the mystery of the land of Allindo.

Ex Astris Product Information

Ex Astris Banner
Release Date February 26, 2024
Supported Platforms Mobile(iOS, Android)
Genre Adventure, RPG, Sci-Fi
Number of Players 1
Rating 12+
Official Website Ex Astris Official Website


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