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In Content Warning, gather your friends, venture into horrific locations, and record the best content for your viewers to earn money! Read on to learn how it plays, what it’s about, and everything else we know so far.

Everything We Know About Content Warning

Content Warning Story Plot

In the harsh world of modern content creation, a lot of ideas have gone stale or lack uniqueness that are unable to catch the attention of viewers. That’s where you and your friends come in. Grab or drag your unlucky comrades as you go to the most dangerous places together in search for some great content to film! Get footage of the most horrifying monsters or die trying (spoilers, everyone will be dying a lot), so all your pals can rake in the cash from the millions of viewers you’ll attract!

Content Warning Gameplay

Content Warning was developed as an April Fools' game, and so it greatly parodies the hit co-op horror game Lethal company. It’s a first person game where you depart into terrifying locations in order to record terrifying footage. You will have your camera on you at all times, allowing you to switch into a grainy camera mode to record yourself, or the monstrosities in front of you. The places you’ll be venturing into hold many dangers such as traps that could instantly kill you or your teammates.

However, the true danger all comes from the numerous monsters that lurk in the dark. Different monsters will be of varying levels of lethality, and so will have different scariness factors that affect the amount of views you’ll receive. Locate the most terrifying monsters, get them on camera, and survive if you can!

Official Trailer

The official trailer is styled and narrated as a found-footage video, where the speaker is with their friends on their way to an unknown location–all in service of their great plan to "make views which make us money to make more views and more money." The rest of the trailer showcases the terror of finding monsters and recording them for their videos as they try their hardest to survive for the greater profit of content creation.

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Content Warning Product Information

Content Warning Banner
Release Date April 1, 2024
Developer Skog, Zorro, Wilnyl, Phillip, thePetHen
Publisher Landfall Publishing
Supported Platforms PC (Steam)
Genre Multiplayer, Horror, Sci-fi
Number of Players Online Co-Op (2-4)
Rating Not Yet Rated
Official Website Landfall Official Website


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