Pokémon ASMR is Real and Eren Yeager is Narrating It


The Pokémon Official YouTube Channel of Japan recently uploaded three ASMR videos all voiced by Eren Yeager himself, Yuki Kaji. Read on to learn more details about this surprising ASMR collaboration.

Pokémon Released New ASMR Videos

Eren Narrates Over the Kanto Starters

The official Pokémon Japan (X) Twitter account recently announced the release of "three relaxing ASMR videos" on their YouTube Channel featuring three Kanto starters: Charmander, Squirtle, and Bulbasaur. The narration for these videos is provided by none other than Yuki Kaji, known for his role as Eren Yeager in Attack on Titan. For the best soothing experience, they recommend using "earphones or headphones" while listening.

Fans can access these videos by clicking the link provided in the post, directing them to a dedicated playlist. The trio of ASMR videos, each spanning 3 minutes, begins with "ASMR with Bulbasaur," followed by "ASMR with Charmander," and concludes with "ASMR with Squirtle."

In the description of each video, viewers are encouraged to strike a balance between living well and sleeping well. These videos are crafted to facilitate relaxation and recovery, with Yuki Kaji's soothing narration guiding listeners through the bedtime routines of these Pokémon.


Kaji gently instructs listeners on how to unwind before sleep, transporting them to tranquil settings like a cozy bonfire or a serene sandy beach, where the Pokémon peacefully drift off to sleep.

Pokémon has a history of delving into the realm of ASMR content, having previously released several of these relaxing videos. Among these is a 30-minute animation titled "Hanging Out with Piplup" and a one-hour video dubbed "Pokémon Sleep," featuring the beloved star Snorlax catching some Z's.


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