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MultiVersus' Rifts is a Launch Day PvE Mode


Warner Bros.' upcoming crossover platform fighting game, MultiVersus, announces major additions ahead of release with the launch of a new PvE mode called Rifts.

MultiVersus Introduces 'Rifts' PvE Mode

Themed PvE Modes Released Every Season

Multiversus, Warner Bros.' upcoming crossover platform fighting game developed by Player First Games, will fully launch later this month on May 28 with the introduction of a new PvE mode called Rifts. Rifts Mode will offer players a more story-driven experience, along with new gameplay outside of the core MultiVersus battles.

This new mode is split into chapters, each referred to as a Rift. Each Rift has a unique theme and overarching mission, such as the newly introduced character, The Joker, infiltrating the Batcave. "These themes will be organized around seasonal 'Attunements,' such as Chaos, for the Clown Prince of Crime that is joining our cast in season 1," Play First Games wrote in the announcement. "The same way every MultiVersus battle is bubbling with character interactions, we wanted to make each Rift 'Uniquely MultiVersus,' every season."


Play First Games confirmed there are already over a dozen mini-games in season 1 of Rifts alone, spanning different gameplays such as volleyball and concentration matching games. "We constantly want to try new things in MultiVersus and as we design new mini-games, we’ll put them in future Rifts seasons," the devs said.

"Rifts Mode will allow players to travel the multiverse and fight their way through a series of encounters, flavored by wacky combat mutators and unique experiences. We’ll be updating the mode frequently, so each season should look different than the last."

While Rifts Mode can be played entirely solo, players can also team-up online to play Co-Op. It should also be noted that when you team up with another player, you’ll both share in more rewards.

Rift Gameplay and Rewards


Each Rift culminates in a themed boss battle and progressing through Rifts Mode offers numerous rewards, including stars that unlock additional bonuses. When first diving into Rifts Mode, players will learn the basic systems and mechanics during a tutorial chapter before "graduating" to Seasonal Rifts. Player First Games added, "Rifts get more tough as you progress, so it might take you an entire season to battle your way to the finish line."


Encounters in Rifts Mode are "injected with a variety of different effects" called, "mutators." Each node in the mode will have different mutators that’ll lead to chaotic and challenging combat encounters. Some of the mutators will be influenced by the Rift’s theme, while others will just be "tweaked for maximum chaos."

"For example, have you ever wanted to try full aerial MultiVersus combat without ever hitting the ground? The Infinite Jumps mutator could be up your alley," the devs wrote, "Or, maybe your tastes are a little more eccentric and you’ve dreamed of using your chicken hands to turn your opponent into a rotisserie chicken… then Chicken Gauntlets Mutator might be for you."


To aid in these challenges, players can use Gems to power up their characters. These Gems come in three types: Offense, Defense, and Utility, each offering different bonuses. Gems can be leveled up by combining multiple versions of the same gems and progressing your Battle Pass.

There are numerous rewards for progressing in Rifts Mode and new challenges will be updated regularly. As players progress through nodes, they'll be offered various optional mission objectives that reward up to five stars, each one yielding more rewards. Additionally, there will be season-long events that reward players for beating bosses at increasing difficulty levels.

MultiVersus, along with Rifts PvE mode, will launch on May 28 and will be available on PS4, PS5, PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S. "When we launch on May 28th, Rift Mode will be in its first iteration and it will continue to evolve within the season, and from season to season," Player First Games wrote. "Our goal is to constantly test new mechanics in Rift Mode and continue to surprise you, the player, with great gameplay experiences that are unique to MultiVersus."

Multiversus developer series: PvE Rifts Mode By Player First Games

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