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Hades 2 "Early Early Access" Sign Ups Open for a Phase Called Technical Test


Hades 2, critically acclaimed roguelite Hades' much awaited sequel, has announced a Technical Test. Available now for signup on Steam, Hades 2 looks to iron out problems before launching into Early Access. Read on to learn how to join.

Hades 2 Technical Test Sign Ups Now Open!

Will Run Approximately Under a Month

"The Technical Test contains much less content than what's in store for the Early Access launch, and may be available only to a relatively small subset of players who express interest in participating," Supergiant Games said on its wesbite. The Hades 2 technical test will focus primarily on the first major area of the game along with early-game characters, systems, and content.

Interested players can sign up for the technical test by visiting the Hades 2 Steam page and clicking the 'Request Access' button. Content creators may also request a key through Keymailer, although availability may be limited due to the nature of the technical test. "A subset of players who request access will be invited to participate via an email from Steam with download instructions," the devs confirmed.

Supergiant Games said it intends to gradually invite more players over time as they address any issues encountered during the testing phase. Moreover, they provided a rough estimate of how long the Technical Test runs for, saying that it will last longer than a week but shorter than a month.

"We likewise don't know exactly when we will launch Hades II in Early Access," Supergiant additionally stated, "since that will depend on how long we end up having to run the Technical Test for."

Sign Up for the HADES II Technical Test!
Hades 2 Steam page

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