Gaming's 2024 April Fools' Roundup


    This year's April Fools' jokes showcased the gaming community's level of creativity being heads above. Read on to take a look at some of the most memorable fake outs from April Fools' 2024.

    Our 2024 April Fools' Picks

    To no surprise, of course, April Fools’ Day is when the gaming community seizes the opportunity to provide light-hearted fun for everyone. From clever spin-offs to odd launches on ancient technology, this year's jokes showcased creative fun and too-good-to-be-true projects. While these pranks may have left some hearts aching with the realization that they were not real, they nevertheless brought laughs out of gamers everywhere.

    Power Dirt Simulator

    Become a menace
    Cause property damage
    Power Dirt Simulator
    Coming Never

    Pokémon: Pokémon Sleep World Champions Tournament

    Welcome to the Pokémon Sleep World Champions Tournament! 🥱🏆 You can now become a 'slumbering superstar' and try to outsnooze the rest of the world. Time to rep out some REM, champ!

    Pal♡world! ~More Than Just Pals~ Dating Sim

    Sad news for Tsundere!Zoe enthusiasts out there. It is just too good to be true. Pocketpair's announcement of the cute dating sim was a ruse. Being obsessed over by Katress? Imagine a world like that.

    Elden Ring Expansion

    E X P A N S I O N

    Dead Spicy

    Releasing April 1, 20XX!

    "This unironically would go so hard if it weren't an AF Joke." We concur, @Dorian_Scott.

    REYNATIS x NEO: The World Ends With You

    REYNATIS x TWEWY? I dreamed a dream in time gone by.

    At least, we have these cool artworks courtesy of FuRyu’s and TWEWY's Twitter (X) account.

    Drecom: Tokyo Stories Releasing on CRT TV

    "Tokyo Stories will be a CRT TV exclusive title!
    Have your CRT TV ready!"

    Maybe you can play this at grandma's house.

    Cyberpunk Floppy Disk Edition

    Good news! The devs already calculated how many floppy disks you'd need - 97,619!

    TSUKIHIME x Chris Pratt

    Alexa, play 'Would've, Could've, Should've' by Taylor Swift.

    Razer: Razer Cthulhu

    Introducing the Razer Cthulhu—the ultimate gaming chair that has eight robotic arms that can cater to you. We're never making it out the house with this one!

    Dave the Diver x Doki Doki VR Spin-off

    "💕New VR game💕" The Leahs you know from Duff's dreams comes to a full Leahs experience in VR!

    Boy, you thought.

    Arc System Works: Fanblue Grantasy Rises: Versin


    Hololive Dating Sim 2

    Fall in love with the Hololive dating sim sequel, in your dreams, again.

    Take-Two Selling Rockstar Games to Elon Musk

    Que horror. So glad it's an April Fools' joke! Seriously, it was rather a jump scare. Not a giggle gaggled. We can all rest easy.


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