SF6’s Capcom Cup X Champion UMA Wins $1M USD


Street Fighter 6’s season-ending tournament just concluded and the winner has just won 1 million dollars. Read on to learn more about the tournament’s final sets, the winner of the tournament, and finally the checkmate scenario that won 1 million dollars.

SF6 Capcom Cup X Winner UMA Wins $1 Million

Capcom Cup X Winner Represents Juri and Ookami Mio?!

If you were living under a rock or just not interested in Street Fighter, then maybe you haven’t heard that Street Fighter 6’s season-ending tournament just concluded. And the winner? Just got $1 million dollars richer. Wang "UMA" Yuan-Hao (also known as "Kagami") is a Taiwanese player who uses Juri Han, the Taekwondo representative of Street Fighter known for her aggressive and quick rushdown gameplay.

UMA qualified through the Capcom Pro Tour’s (CPT) World Warrior Circuit, where he won in the Asia East Regional. Despite being a non-sponsored player, UMA went on and bodied many of the world’s best players to become the winner of the world’s first million-dollar tournament for fighting games. UMA also notably wore popular Hololive VTuber Ookami Mio’s 1 million subscriber special hoodie, where maybe the power-up you needed was just becoming a VTuber stan.

Capcom Cup X: Grand Finals - Battle of the East


In the grand finals of the tournament, UMA faced Chris Wong, Hong Kong’s representative, who used Luke, Street Fighter 6’s poster boy. Chris Wong reset the bracket in the penultimate set in a clean fashion winning 3-0, however, UMA took charge in the final set winning 3-0 to take the championship and the 1 million dollar prize.

In the final match between UMA and Chris Wong, Street Fighter 6 players already knew it was all but over in the instance UMA executed a perfect parry against Chris Wong’s meaty attack and burned out the latter’s Drive Gauge.

@HiFightTH, a well-known content creator in the fighting game community, posted a frame-by-frame analysis of the final scenarios that led to the checkmate. He also talked about the different things that happened in the same match where either player could’ve chosen a different decision which may have made a difference.

The two previously faced each other in the Winner’s Finals in Capcom Cup X where UMA defeated Chris Wong which ended tragically for the latter in the first game of that particular set as shown in the tweet above. These two are no strangers to each other, as they have fought one another in different events outside of Capcom Cup X. Most notably, in the World Warrior Asia East qualifier where UMA defeated Chris Wong to qualify for Capcom Cup.

CPT Does It Right Finding World Warriors

While there is a lot of controversy regarding the format of the Capcom Pro Tour, one thing is certain—anyone who qualifies in the Capcom Cup can win in the grandest stage. The format saw many complaints regarding the number of online qualifiers, but honestly, it meant that more participants could qualify for the final event. Not everyone can fly out to each premier offline event held in other countries as with UMA, who actually flew out to Capcom Cup alone with $300 in his pocket.

Capcom Cup X found the world’s best Street Fighter players and showcased tons of representatives from many different regions.


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