Palworld Teams Up with Tencent for Multiplayer Servers


Pocketpair is collaborating with Tencent Cloud to speed up and optimize multiplayer servers in Palworld. Read on to learn more about this partnership and Tencent Cloud.

Palworld Partners With Tencent Cloud to Optimize Multiplayer Servers

Promises Players That Servers Can Be Created in Just 3 Seconds


Tencent Cloud, a subsidiary of Tencent offering cloud products and services, has recently announced a collaboration with Pocketpair Co., Ltd to develop, optimize, and enhance the speed of the dedicated multiplayer server of Palworld.

This collaboration will utilize Tencent Cloud's "Tencent Cloud Lighthouse" service, which allows "small and medium-sized businesses and developers to easily and efficiently run websites," as well as "web applications, mini programs/mini games, electronic commerce (EC), cloud disk/image hosting services, audio/video, and various development/test environments."

Tencent Cloud assures players that setting up dedicated multiplayer servers will be seamless, allowing them to create servers in just "3 seconds" without any complications.

While the companies have not announced a specific timeline for this feature's implementation or whether it will extend to Xbox servers, they have pledged to expand their cloud multiplayer servers beyond Japan. The expansion will cover the "Asia-Pacific region (APAC), including the United States, South Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand."

Tencent Cloud becomes official partner of multiplayer dedicated server for blockbuster game “Palworld”

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