Palworld “Severely Lacking” in Staff


Pocketpair is currently understaffed and is actively hiring new employees. Read on to learn more details about the available job positions and Palworld’s significant decline in concurrent players on Steam.

Palworld is Understaffed

Pocketpair is Currently Hiring

Palworld, facing an apparent staffing shortage, recently announced on their official Japanese Twitter(X) account that they are "severely lacking in friends." According to a rough translation provided by Twitter(X), they are actively "recruiting for all positions," specifically seeking individuals with experience in planning and engineering. The post states that "it doesn’t matter what engine the job applicants have experience with," interested applicants may apply. In response to the announcement, they promptly shared a link to their career page on the Pocketpair website.

Here are the positions that Pocketpair is actively hiring for:

 ●  Game Engineer (Unreal Engine)
 ●  Game engineer (unity)
 ●  Pal World 2D Artist
 ●  Planner
 ●  Art Direct
 ●  Game Director
 ●  Sound Designer (sound effects)
 ●  Supervision

While the recruitment information page specifies Tokyo, Japan as the work location, the application requirements indicate that remote work is also a possibility, subject to consultation. Additionally, proficiency in everyday conversational Japanese is essential.

Palworld Loses 1.3 Million Concurrent Players on Steam

Palworld Falls Off


Palworld experienced a significant drop in its concurrent player count on Steam within a mere 15 days after reaching its peak on January 28, 2024, with 2,101,867 players. By February 9, 2024, the total concurrent player count dropped to 682,032. Despite this decline, the game managed to regain some traction, with its concurrent player count on Steam reaching 756,764 as of February 11, 2024. The concurrent player count for Xbox players remains unknown at present. Stay tuned for further updates on this matter.

Palworld currently lags behind Counter Strike 2 in concurrent players on Steam. However, this dynamic could shift, especially considering that Palworld is still in Early Access. With Pocketpair promising a slew of improvements and updates, including PvP and crossplay features, there's potential for Palworld to regain millions of concurrent players on Steam.

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