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Nintendo Removes Twitter (X) Integration, Joining PS5 and Xbox in Trend


Nintendo has announced today it is removing Twitter (X) integration on the Nintendo Switch, joining the two other game company giants in dropping support of the social media platform.

Nintendo Removes Twitter(X) Integration on the Nintendo Switch

Twitter's API Pricing Structure Could be One of Reasons

Announced today, Nintendo will be discontinuing the Switch's Twitter (X) support starting June 10, 2024. The app integration termination will disable sending friend requests via the social media platform from within the Nintendo Switch friend suggestions feature, as well as posting content to the app from the Nintendo Switch's Album.

This decision also impacts several services:

⚪︎ The feature for posting screenshots and videos to X (formerly Twitter) from the Album in the Nintendo Switch HOME Menu will become unavailable.
  ⚪︎ While posting screenshots and videos to Facebook will continue to be available, this service may also be discontinued at a later date.
  ⚪︎ The ability to post Super Smash Bros. Ultimate screenshots from the Album in the Nintendo Switch HOME Menu to Smash World, in the Nintendo Switch Online smart device app, will also become unavailable.
⚪︎ Posting features in the Nintendo Switch title Splatoon 3 will be adjusted.
  ⚪︎ When posting from the mailbox in Splatsville, Inkopolis Plaza, or Inkopolis Square, you will no longer be able to post to X (formerly Twitter) or Facebook; the data will be sent directly to Nintendo servers. This change will allow users to make posts without one of these social media accounts, but images posted by players younger than 13 will not be visible to other players.
  ⚪︎ The image created for the post will be copied to the Album in the Nintendo Switch HOME Menu. Images in the Album can be transferred to a smart device wirelessly or to a PC via USB cable.
⚪︎ Posting features in the Nintendo Switch title Splatoon 2 will be adjusted.
  ⚪︎ You will no longer be able to post to X (formerly Twitter) from the mailbox in Inkopolis Square.
  ⚪︎ The characters that appear and posts that are displayed in the Square will be replaced by data already prepared within the game software.
⚪︎ The feature for sending friend requests to social media friends via the Friend Suggestions menu on My Page, in the Nintendo Switch HOME Menu, will no longer be available.
  ⚪︎ You can continue to use the friend suggestions feature from smart devices, Nintendo 3DS, and Wii U.


Twitter (X) integration had been a convenient tool for players to share their gaming content directly from the console. The decision to remove Twitter(X) integration from the Nintendo Switch came without an official explanation from Nintendo, though it has happened similarly with other platforms like PlayStation and Xbox, and, it would seem that the removal of the app support may be likewise attributed to Twitter's expensive API pricing structure.


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