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GTA 6 Release Will Be "Perfect" as Rockstar Games Takes Their Time


Take-Two Interactive CEO Strauss Zelnick says Rockstar Games "seeks perfection in what they do," and aims for the perfect GTA 6 by Fall 2025. Read on to find out more about the sequel, and what Take-Two has in store for the future.

Rockstar Aims For Perfection

Look Forward To A “Perfect” GTA 6


Fans of the GTA series should buckle up for the next installment as Rockstar Games strives to release GTA 6 with utmost perfection.

In an exclusive interview with CNBC, Take-Two Interactive CEO Strauss Zelnick was asked to talk about the long awaited Grand Theft Auto VI (GTA VI) game, from the timing of its launch and how confident he was in the Fall 2025 forecast. On the topic of the timing of releasing a game, he said that while there are elements there you can actually measure—like the number of bugs—however, for an "extraordinary title for which there are extraordinary expectations," it's not about the bugs.

"It’s about creating an experience that no one’s seen before," Zelnick declared. "And Rockstar Games seeks perfection in what they do—perfection is indeed hard to measure, it really is more subjective than objective."

Take-Two Interactive’s Comeback In The Market


GTA 6’s Fall 2025 launch date was revealed in the recent Take-Two Interactive Q4 and Fiscal Year 2024 Report; even with slippage in the industry and that Take-Two is not immune to it, Zelnick remained highly confident with the forecast of narrowing GTA VI’s release.

When asked about clues or a way to characterize what will be different and new with the upcoming game, Zelnick laughed it off and recommended watching the internet-breaking trailer instead, as it "does tell you what’s new and different."

Zelnick also shared his thoughts on mobile gaming after acquiring Zynga, the developers of popular mobile games "Match Factory!" and "Toon Blast," the current status of the gaming industry as a whole; and hiring new talent. While acknowledging their lows and relatively low market share despite being a video game giant, he said they’re beginning to see return to growth. "However, we do think the market is becoming more robust and that’s gonna make it easier, for example, to launch a new title if the title has appeal." With that said, the timing of GTA 6’s release seems to be just perfect.

CNBC Interview with Strauss Zelnick

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