Civ 7 Development Reportedly Unhindered as Civilization: Eras & Allies Mobile Game is Announced


2K just announced Civilization: Eras & Allies, a 4X strategy mobile game. With that came concerns of the game affecting Civilization 7's development. Read on to learn more.

Civilization: Eras & Allies Mobile Game

Soft-Launched in Several Countries


2K just revealed a new free-to-play standalone mobile game entitled Civilization: Eras & Allies, a 4X strategy game. This is the new title of Conquests and Alliances - 4X Empire Builder, which 2K has been testing via soft launch in several countries over the last few months.

Conquests and Alliances - 4X Empire Builder’s Google Play description is listed below.

"Embark on a journey through the ages of history and forge your path to glory in Conquests & Alliances - 4X Empire Builder. Step into the shoes of legendary leaders and command empires that have shaped the world. From the legions of Julius Caesar to the strategic genius of Sun Tzu, the choice is yours. Will you conquer kingdoms with an iron fist or lead your empire with benevolence? In this real-time strategy (RTS) game, the fate of empires rests in your hands.

Conquests & Alliances brings history to life like never before. Immerse yourself in intricate landscapes, witness the rise and fall of world empires, and experience the weight of your decisions as you navigate governance, warfare, and diplomacy. Command armies in real-time war battles, explore the technology, science, and military strength of different ages and cultures, and witness ancient wonders like the Great Pyramids and the Roman Colosseum as you lead your empire to victory.

Conquests & Alliances takes 4X games and empire building to the next level with time-limited game seasons that add a thrilling twist to your war conquest journey. Each season offers distinct challenges and opportunities to delve into the cultures and empires of different historical periods: from ancient civilizations to medieval kingdoms and beyond. Time-limited game seasons offer exclusive rewards and bonuses, as well as exciting competition. Unleash your creativity and discover unique abilities, leaders, science, and technology available during the season."

Will Not Hinder Civilization 7 Development


Fans reasonably suspected that this may negatively affect Civilization 7’s development, which 2K quickly addressed saying it wouldn’t. According to IGN, a 2K spokesperson said that Firaxis is working with an external developer for the mobile game, meaning that Eras & Allies won’t be taking too much of 2K’s manpower. 2K did not reveal the identity of the external developer. An official statement from Firaxis confirms this. “As we announced earlier this year, Firaxis Games is in active development on the next iteration of the legendary Civilization franchise. We are working with an external partner specializing in mobile social strategy games to develop Civilization: Eras & Allies.”

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