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Banana Game "Scam" Allegations Denied by Developer


Viral "Banana" game has made headlines again, but this time it's about scam allegations regarding the game's 'infinite money glitching' nature.

Viral Banana Clicker Game is Not a Scam According to Studio

Former Development Member Involved in Past Scam


Banana is the viral new game on Steam, skyrocketing in popularity and surpassing major titles like Baldur's Gate 3 in terms of peak concurrent players. This unexpected hit has put players in a chokehold with its simple gameplay and premise: clicking on an image of a banana—or simply leaving the game running—eventually rewards players with a banana drop into their Steam inventory.

These bananas can be sold on Steam's marketplace for real Steam Wallet credits. The prices for these bananas vary widely. For instance, a diamond banana might be worth anywhere from $70 to $165, while a gentleman banana—complete with a hat and dress shoes—sells for less than a dollar.

Some Banana players speculated that the game might be a scam, particularly after it was revealed that one of the developers, Theselions, had previously been involved in a Steam market bitcoin scheme. This led to concerns about the legitimacy of the game and its transactions.

In response, one of the developers, AestheticSpartan, reassured the community in a message shared today on Discord. AestheticSpartan announced that the team had parted ways with Theselions due to his involvement in the scam. Aestheticspartan told players that Theselions' inventory had been cleared of any bananas that could raise concerns within the community.


Nevertheless, they assured players that no scamming was taking place and that the remaining dev members were dedicated to updating and improving the game. "We cannot wait to turn this game into something bigger and better than just a clicker game," they stated, urging players to stay tuned for future updates.

In an earlier conversation with Polygon, another developer, Hery, acknowledged a bot problem within the game. Some players have been exploiting multiple accounts to gain rarer drops or bulk quantities of bananas. Despite this, Hery assured Polygon that everything was "above board," describing the game as a "legal infinite money glitch."

Banana game not a scam, says developer
Why clicker game Banana — the ‘legal infinite money glitch’ — is going viral on Steam

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