AMEDAMA Demo Now Available on Steam


AMEDAMA is a side-scrolling 2.5D sandbox hack-and-slash which will have you possess different bodies to save your beloved sister! Read on to learn more details on the demo which just released on Steam!

Demo for AMEDAMA Released September 28

Soul-Shifting Sandbox Action Game Set to Launch in 2023


IzanagiGames has unveiled an exciting sneak peek of its upcoming release, AMEDAMA, a title that promises an enthralling journey into Feudal Japan, with the core gameplay experience centered around a unique mechanic - possession.

In this soul-stirring adventure, players will step into the shoes of Yushin, who has gained the extraordinary ability to possess various people after he was cut down during the abduction of his beloved sister, Yui. With each possession, fresh possibilities unfold as Yushin gains access to new weapons and abilities. His newfound power will prove indispensable in rescuing Yui, as our protagonist has to race against time to save her before his soul fades away for good.


According to the developers at IzanagiGames, the full version of AMEDAMA is slated for release within 2023. But if you want to get a feel for what the game offers, the AMEDAMA demo can be played for free via Steam.

What is AMEDAMA?

Discover a Retro-Style Pixel Action Game with a Unique Possession Mechanic


AMEDAMA centers around possession, which means Yushin will have to switch between different bodies to get that much closer to saving his sister. Among the diverse array of potential vessels are the denizens of late Edo Period Japan, as well as a fascinating selection of creatures, including dogs and frogs.

Each possession opens up a new way to play the game. So far, we’ve seen Yushin possess a swordsman who can fight a bunch of enemies, a boy who can slip himself past armed brigands, and a geisha who can approach other possession targets without drawing much attention. Use these vessels and their abilities well to get through the game's many challenges.


Yushin's quest is set against a backdrop of rain-soaked feudal Japanese marketplaces, tranquil groves, and ancient Buddhist temples adorned with meticulously tended bonsai trees and blooming flowers - all rendered in an evocative pixel style reminiscent of indie titles like The Last Night or Timeout.

IzanagiGames enlisted the talents of Fate/Grand Order and Touken Ranbu illustrator, lack, to handle AMEDAMA’s character designs. Meanwhile, composer Yuko Komiyama, known for her work on the Monster Hunter franchise, created the game’s somber, yet stirring soundtrack that features traditional Japanese instruments.

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