Blizzard Drops the Banhammer on over 250,000 Overwatch 2 Cheaters


Blizzard bans over 250,000 Overwatch 2 cheaters. Learn more about the ban, the company’s updated zero-tolerance policy, and the reporting system against cheating and disruptive behavior.

Overwatch 2 Bans 250,000 Cheaters

Overwatch 2 Plans to Expand Banhammers Worldwide


Blizzard has dropped the banhammer on over 250,000 cheaters in Overwatch 2. This move is one of the most notable efforts of the developers to combat cheating, disruptive chat, and griefing issues in its new game.

Aside from banning thousands of accounts due to cheating and botting, Blizzard has also taken action against accounts that "conspicuously group with cheaters" who, while not directly cheating, gain some form of benefit or advantage. These banhammers have been tested in some regions, with plans to expand this worldwide.

Text and Voice Chat Changes


Blizzard has also implemented changes in its in-game chat systems. Starting this season, the devs will be removing the "Unfiltered" text chat option that did not have any language restrictions. This setting, they claimed, allowed for harmful language and phrases. All players who have used the "Unfiltered" setting are now changed to "Mature", which permits some vulgar words that are not insulting or offensive to other players. If you want to avoid inappropriate language entirely, the devs recommend using the "Friendly" setting.

While filters and censors on text chat are common across games, Blizzard also implements machine-learning algorithms to “help identify, transcribe, and verify reports of disruptive voice chat”. The devs are claiming that this technology can correct negative behavior immediately.

Improving Reporting and Overwatch 2’s Defense Matrix


As an endnote, the devs have reiterated that reporting disruptive and cheating players helps keep the game fair and fun. With its Defense Matrix, the new name for the devs’ efforts to combat negative behaviors in their game, they promise to continuously work to see Overwatch 2 become a more positive experience for players everywhere.

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