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Game8's Indie Spotlight | Best Indie Games of March 2024


The third time's a charm with the greatest indie games March 2024 has to offer. Let’s take a look at the best indie titles we covered in March. Continue reading to discover great titles that you might have been sleeping on.

Showcasing March 2024s Indie Titles


It ain't just the spring time sun that's heating up this March, the indie scene's got a bunch of hot titles for you to try as well. We've got some awesomely automated agricultural selections this time around, as well as horror-filled clownery to keep you on the edge of your hot seat. If your spring break is just getting started, or you're just looking for a game to saddle up with, this list's got you covered with the absolute best and greatest indie games we covered this March.

Check out last month’s edition of our indie showcase if you missed it!

The Mobius Machine

Space seems to be the name of the game this month, and there's no better way to traverse the final frontier than through the flesh-ridden metal platforms of this month's sole 3D indie Metroidvania, The Mobius Machine. Though plagued by its glacial placing and frustrating level design, The Mobius Machine managed to keep itself a fun and serviceable game that's worth trying.

Sixty Four

From space-age platforming to avant-garde factory games, let's move on to what I easily consider to be this month's most unusual entry, Sixty Four. Sure, you've played factory games before, but I can safely bet that you've never played one as odd and mesmerizing as this.

Filled with cubes and nonsensical mechanical jargon, Sixty Four offers a unique and eye-catching take on the hard industrialism the factory simulator genre's been known for. Just make sure you've got the time to spare because this game will take you a while.

Berserk Boy

Nothing busts your bunker quite like a nostalgia bomb, so here's an indie title to get you retro gaming fans excited. Berserk Boy is a high-action platformer that wears its Mega Man inspiration proudly. What do you get when you combine fast-paced gameplay with retro visuals and a heart-pounding soundtrack? You get a game that knows how to rock, man.

A Difficult Game About Climbing

Oh, you thought Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy was hard? You haven't seen anything yet. A Difficult Game About Climbing is exactly as it says on the tin, and then some. You're gonna be sweating extra hard as your try (and inevitably fail) to ascend this oddly jumbled mountain of bits and bobs using the game's simple, but hard to master, controls.

Did I forget to mention that one slip-up will send you tumbling back down to the start? No? Happy climbing!


Maybe you weren't expecting such horror-filled clownery so far away from Spooky Month, but REVEIL's here, and, boy, is it quite the attraction. Focusing more on psychological horror and amazing carnival imagery, REVEIL's got some of the most nerve-wracking scares I've had the pleasure of screaming through. It's not quite Fate's Carnival in terms of puzzle complexity, but if you're down for some early-year circus horror, then this game's for you.

Stellar Settlers: Space Base Builder

Nothing says "cold and unforgiving vacuum of space" like a cute and cozy colony simulator where you stack modules on each other like pancakes. Jokes aside, Stellar Settlers is an early-access indie game that removes the most stressful aspects of colony survival and replaces them with some of the best low-fi beats you've ever heard.

It's fresh out of the oven and still underbaked at the moment, but there's a long road ahead for this early access game, and it's pretty darn fun as it is now. Why don't you give it a try?

Death of A Wish

Hack 'N Slash and Drum and Bass go so well together, and they go particularly hard in this month's most frenetic action RPG experience, Death of a Wish. Death of A Wish is a revenge story on Nitrous, speeding you through its experience with fast-paced gameplay and even faster-paced background music. Add in a style meter, and you're a pair of handguns away from Devil May Cry.

Don't even get me started on its unique visuals and retro feel. If you're just looking to smash heads in style, this might be the game for you.

Goblin Stone

It’s all about the little green guys in Goblin Stone, and they’re not just your run-of-the-mill level 1 RPG mobs this time around. Goblin Stone is a charming little fantasy RPG with a cute story and a fun premise. It’s not the most forgiving game, however, as it’s as hard as you’d expect from a game about little goblins fighting against larger, more powerful foes.

Still, it’s a fun take on the standard RPG format and a decent turn-based strategy game to boot. If you’ve had experience with XCOM’s base-building and Darkest Dungeon’s position-based combat system, why don’t you give Goblin Stone a try?

Rebel Transmute

Hold on to your arm cannons, folks, because the most Metroid-y Metroidvania is here with Rebel Transmute. Set in a vibrant, pixel-art rendition of an alien exoplanet, Rebel Transmute captures the best aspects of the genre with its smooth-as-butter gameplay, retro aesthetics, and captivating ambiance. The retro fans are eating well this month, so why not have Rebel Transmute for dessert?


Highwater’s making waves this month as a great turn-based combat puzzler set in the flooded highrises of Earth’s dystopian future. This game just pops, both visually and mechanically. The high-contrast, low-poly design of the characters works well with the detailed, high-concept environment of the flooded cities they traverse.

Not one to be overshadowed by aesthetics, Highwater’s turn-based puzzle combat also makes a splash with its heavy use of the environment and focus on strategic plays. Highwater is one of this month’s greatest, so why don’t you dip your toe in and give it a try?

Raw Metal

Have you ever wondered what Metal Gear Solid would be like if Snake chose to suplex people instead of using stealthy takedowns? Well, Raw Metal is exactly that, and, oh boy, is it a fun time. Raw Metal is a masterful combination of fast-paced brawler games like Sifu and tactical stealth games like Shadow Tactics. And with a heavily-quantized look similar to Lethal Company’s, this game is surely one of this month’s most unique entries.

Lightyear Frontier

Alien planets harbor alien plantlife in one of this month’s highest-scoring indie titles, Lightyear Frontier. This game is an agricultural wonderland set in an exoplanetary wilderness ripe for the picking. Lightyear Frontier lets you plant, process, trade, and build the fittings of a Stardew Valley-esque farm in the serene countryside of an alien planet.

Mechs and pollution control supplement this game’s robust exploration and base-building mechanics, rounding out a solarpunk experience you surely won’t forget any time soon.

Necrosmith 2

Victor Frankenstein’s got nothing on the monster-mashing madness in Necrosmith 2. Hot on the heels of its predecessor, Necrosmith 2 is building itself up to be a worthy sequel to a well-loved indie title. The unique premise of building your own monster minion from various discarded parts never gets old. And with such masterful pixel-art aesthetics, one can’t help but test the limits of what your mad mind can come up with.

This ain’t your usual tower defense game, so gather some parts and get those joints moving with Necrosmith 2.

Omega Crafter

Rounding out our list is a survival crafter that mashes hardcore soulsike combat with all the fun of programming, Omega Crafter. This game’s unique premise revolves around the Grammi, which are little robot minions that you can program to do pretty much anything. From crafting endless arrows to deforesting entire swathes of the map, these little buggers will keep your base moving as you go out and fight Dark Souls-tier bosses.

It’s you and your army of Grammi’s against the world in Omega Crafter.


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