Game8's Monthly Indie Spotlight | February 2024


The indie scene keeps on beating in the month of hearts. Let’s take a look at the best indie titles we covered in February. Continue reading to discover great titles that you might have been sleeping on.

Showcasing February 2024s Indie Titles


There’s no better way to cap off the month of hearts than with a dedicated spotlight on the indie titles we’ve come to adore in February 2024. We’ve got a few devilishly delectable entries this time around, as well as a couple of cozy games that feel like a warm lover’s embrace. So if you’re looking for a great indie game to get your significant other, or maybe you’re just looking to play something nice for me, myself, and I, then this might be the selection for you.

Check out last month’s edition of our indie showcase if you missed it!

Solium Infernum

Maybe you weren’t expecting something so hellish this Valentine’s Day, but what’s more romantic than conquering all of hell? A lot of things, to be sure, but Solium Infernum is here to stay regardless. This is a masterfully crafted strategy game about an Archfiend’s conquest of power in the dark pits of perdition itself. In addition to its amazing—albeit slow—gameplay, Solium Infernum has the most solid and mesmerizing art direction I’ve seen in a while.

Grab your buddies, maybe even get your significant other, and duke it out among the Dukes of Hell in Solium Infernum.

Bandle Tale: A League of Legends Story

Even though the League of Legends IP is anything but indie, the developers of this game distanced themselves from the spanning lore and interconnected worlds of Summoner’s Rift with Bandle Tale: A League of Legends Story. Instead of your usual League shenanigans, you’re playing as a yordle in the titular Bandle City, crafting and farming your way into the hearts of the locals. Run errands efficiently and get the portals to Bandle City back in operation as you run around this adorable and cozy pixel art game.

Last Epoch

This might sound like complete blasphemy to the Diablo aficionados among you, but Last Epoch did the Diablo formula better for half the price. That’s right, the ARPG staple might be feeling some pushback from this indie gem when it breaks into the public eye.

Complete with top-notch visuals reminiscent of Diablo, amazing animations, and an EXPANSIVE skill tree that’d make any RPG fan drool, Last Epoch’s really taking a swing at the big leagues this February. Among the many games we’ve covered this month, this one’s among the elite.

Slave Zero X

Sidescroller beat-em-ups aren’t very common nowadays and are usually reserved for the arcade era. Someone should’ve told Slave Zero X that, though, because this thing is as sleek, edgy, and fun as it is stylish. Featuring dystopian biopunk aesthetics and the coolest-looking protagonist I’ve seen in a while, this retro sidescroller’s bound to get that biomechanical heart pumping no time flat. If you can forgive its endoskeletal story, this game’s about as cool as it can get.

Pacific Drive

This ain’t Eurotruck Simulator, sonny. This here’s a beat-up junker and you’ve got to find a way to cross the Exclusion Zone in it. Despite its heavy emphasis on vehicle mechanics that one might find in a driving simulator, Pacific Drive is anything but. It’s a survival-crafting, horror, roguelike experience that keeps you on the edge of your driver’s seat while forcing you to manage your inventory. Crossing the Exclusion Zone is all that matters and this car’s all you’ve got, so make it count.

If you’re into any of the genres that Pacific Drive embodies, be it horror, survival, or just plain driving, then hop on in, this game’s for you.

Garden Life: Cozy Simulator

Nothing screams comfy and cozy more than a game that literally has the word "cozy" in its title. Garden Life: Cozy Simulator is…well…a gardening simulator. You’ll be tending to the prized garden of the late Robin, keeping it flourishing for your community by planting, trimming, and selling the plants for a profit. Just remember that you’re not trying to be a tycoon, now.

There are simply no words to describe the zen of tending to your own burgeoning garden. Why not pick up that trowel and give this game a try?


Vivid colors and vibrant worlds await you in Ultros. Go on an otherworldly journey that is beautifully illustrated by El Huervo of Hotline Miami fame. Go on a mind-bending, time-shifting run where your choices in your previous life matter for the current one. There’s much to say about this game’s unique aesthetic, doubly so for its willingness to make it accessible to all players without compromising its idyllic views.

Sheepy: A Short Adventure

Sheepy: A Short Adventure is exactly what it says on the cover. Although this platformer’s runtime isn’t the longest—capping out at a little over an hour—every single second leading to that ending is worth it. Mr.SuicideSheep—the game’s creator and long-time EDM artist—kept this game’s platforming crisp and succinct, relying on the game’s atmosphere and tone to supplement its robust platforming.

It’s a cute game, no doubt, but the story of dank depths is anything but. Will you join Sheepy in this short adventure of theirs?


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