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Viewfinder is an indie game developed by Sad Owl Studios and published by Thunderful Publishing. Read on to learn about our first impressions of the game, its story, and gameplay.

Viewfinder Review

Viewfinder First Impressions


Viewfinder is a mind-bending game that challenges your perception of reality. With the help of your trusty camera, you can bring pictures to life and reshape the world around you to solve puzzles and explore the secrets of this simulated world

According to the developers, this game draws heavy inspiration from the Portal series and The Talos Principle. So fans of these games and puzzle games, in general, can expect a captivating puzzle adventure and thought-provoking gaming experience.

Everything We Know About Viewfinder

Viewfinder Plot


In this world, Earth has become a dystopian world where all non-human life ceases to exist. You’re put inside an old simulation and tasked by researchers to find the blueprints of a machine capable of reversing climate change and revitalizing the Earth’s flora.

Viewfinder Gameplay


You're dropped into a simulation world where you learn how to solve puzzles and find hidden secrets by manipulating the world around you through imagery. You utilize various types of imagery to help you on your journey such as paintings and sketches. However, your camera is the most crucial component. Taking pictures of the scenery allows you to bring these photos to life and manipulate them in the real world, which you can use to creatively solve certain puzzles.

The puzzles often require players to make a path for themselves to move on to the next sections of the game. You can do this by either taking photos or using different artwork found in the game.

Once the picture or artwork is held up and placed in the desired location, it comes to life and becomes a new area in that world. However, when these images come to life, their attributes and qualities remain the same in the world, which creates a beautiful collage of contrasting appearances that make you feel like you’re dimension hopping. This freedom allows players to, at one moment, enter a black-and-white photograph of a staircase and, at another, a painting of a house.

Viewfinder Trailer

Viewfinder - Official Gameplay Trailer

Viewfinder is a first-person puzzle game that lets you explore a simulated world that you reshape through your camera and creativity. Immerse yourself in hours of fun and engaging puzzles while uncovering the mysteries of that world.

Are you ready to shape and redefine your reality?

Viewfinder Product Information

Release Date July 18, 2023
Developer Sad Owl Studios
Publisher Thunderful Publishing
Supported Platforms PlayStation 5, Steam
Genre Puzzle, Platformer
Number of Players 1
ESRB Rating E (Everyone)
Official Website Viewfinder Website
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