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Victoria 3: Sphere of Influence Gameplay and Story Info | Everything We Know So Far


Victoria 3 will be releasing its Sphere of Influence DLC bringing a couple new mechanics to the gameplay. Read on to learn more about what it will be about and how it plays.

Everything We Know About Victoria 3: Sphere of Influence

Victoria 3: Sphere of Influence Story Plot


Victoria 3: Sphere of Influence retains the rich historical setting of the base game, spanning from 1836 to 1936. In this expansion, players are given enhanced tools to use diplomacy strategically, allowing them to exert influence and control over specific regions. Through careful negotiation and diplomatic maneuvers, players can shape the geopolitical landscape to their advantage.

Victoria 3: Sphere of Influence Gameplay

In Victoria 3: Sphere of Influence, players strive to become Great Powers by using their prestige to form influential Power Blocs. These blocs enable strategic alliances for pursuing shared economic or ideological goals, with players customizing their bloc's identity, colors, and emblems. The DLC introduces The Great Game, inspired by the historical rivalry between Russia and Britain in Central Asia, offering new events, journal entries, and decisions. Players can engage as key nations in this conflict, with a detailed map highlighting competing interests.

The expansion emphasizes economic dynamics through Foreign Investment and Nationalization. Players can invest in other nations' economies for profit or initiate Diplomatic Plays to seize foreign assets, retaining wealth domestically. Interactions with subject nations are more intricate, allowing adjustments to vassal payments and meddling in their politics. Domestic interest groups now have a significant impact on foreign policy, fostering friendly or hostile relations and influencing international lobbies.

Players can further assert their influence by constructing Power Bloc Monuments, symbolizing their dominance on the world stage. The game also offers new historical characters, companies, events, journal entries, and artistic elements, enriching the narrative with historical authenticity and depth. These features collectively enhance the gameplay experience, providing a multifaceted and immersive portrayal of 19th and early 20th-century geopolitics.

Victoria 3: Sphere of Influence Trailer

Announcement Trailer

In the announcement trailer for Victoria 3: Sphere of Influence, a visually striking octopus is shown ink-painting a map, symbolizing the players' ability to shape the world through diplomacy or force. The trailer highlights the expansion's focus on strategic influence and control over global regions. The trailer concludes on a suspenseful note with the phrase "just one problem," leaving viewers intrigued and eager to learn more about the challenges that await in the game.

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Victoria 3: Sphere of Influence Product Information

Victoria 3 Sphere of Influence Cover
Release Date June 24, 2024
Developer Paradox Development Studio
Publisher Paradox Interactive
Supported Platforms PC (Steam)
Genre Strategy Simulation
Number of Players Single, Online PvP
ESRB Rating Teen
Official Website Victoria 3: Sphere of Influence Website


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