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Marvel Rivals Gameplay and Story Info | Everything We Know So Far


Fight as superhero against superhero and villain against villain in Marvel Rivals! A 6v6 game featuring your favorite Marvel heroes! Read on to learn how it plays, what it’s about, and everything else we know so far.

Marvel Rivals News

 ⚫︎  Marvel Rivals, NetEase's Free-to-Play 6v6 PvP Third-Person Shooter, Announced

Everything We Know About Marvel Rivals

Marvel Rivals Story Plot

Marvel Rivals will feature a wide range of Marvel Heroes, and thus will have its own narrative canon parallel to the official publications and blockbuster cinematic universe! It will tell a tale where Doctor Doom manages to join forces with his 2099 counterpart and create chaos throughout the multiverse! Different versions of our heroes across different uniservers are forcibly converse in the Timestream Entanglement, causing the creation of new worlds and crises that follow.

The extreme circumstances have then allowed unlikely alliances between heroes and villains to join forces and defeat both Dooms before their realities are conquered!

Marvel Rivals Gameplay

Marvel Rivals is a competitive free-to-play 6v6 third-person hero-based(literally!) shooter game, where you play as a wide variety of Marvel Superheroes and Supervillains to take down the other team comprised of the same! The title’s maps will pull from well-known locations from the Marvel mythos, and will be fully-interactable and destructible!

With how extensive the lore of Marvel superheroes and supervillains is, doubtless there have been countless team-ups between characters that have made for the most iconic moments. To incorporate that, unique combinations of characters can commence ‘Team-Up Skills’ that provide seamless synergy between two players that can easily turn the tides of battle!

Marvel Rivals Roster

Marvel Rivals Characters


They have yet to unveil the full set of heroes and villains that will compose the entirety of the Marvel Rivals roster. So far from the trailers released, the following are confirmed or have been teased to become playable:

 ⚫︎ Loki
 ⚫︎ Magik
 ⚫︎ Namor
 ⚫︎ Luna Snow
 ⚫︎ Groot
 ⚫︎ Rocket Racoon
 ⚫︎ Doctor Strange
 ⚫︎ Black Panther
 ⚫︎ Spider-Man
 ⚫︎ Peni Parker
 ⚫︎ Iron Man
 ⚫︎ The Hulk
 ⚫︎ Storm
 ⚫︎ Magneto
 ⚫︎ Starlord
 ⚫︎ Mantis
 ⚫︎ The Punisher
 ⚫︎ Scarlet Witch
 ⚫︎ Hela

Marvel Rivals Trailers

Hela Trailer - ‘Queen of Hel’

The Hela trailer is the character highlight of the Asgardian Goddess of Death! She’s able to conjure powerful magical blasts and blades that will obliterate any in their path, as well as to grow powerful enough to bombard the entire battlefield with her powers!

Loki Trailer - ‘King of Yggsgard’

The Loki trailer is the character highlight of the Asgardian Trickster God, Loki! True to his nature, he can disorient enemies across the battlefield and with his cloning and sneaking, as well as completely transform into one of the enemy heroes.

Official Announcement Trailer - ‘Rivals’ First Stand’

The official announcement trailer is the blockbuster reveal of the 6v6 shooter featuring everyone’s favorite Marvel heroes and villains! It shows many famous characters and footage of them engaging in battle across grand stages set in the Marvel multiverse!

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Marvel Rivals Product Information

Marvel Rivals Banner
Release Date TBA
Developer NetEase Games
Publisher NetEase Games
Supported Platforms PC(Steam, Epic Games Store)
Genre Action,
Number of Players Online PvP (6 vs 6)
Rating IARC 2+
Official Website Marvel Rivals Official Website


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