The Math Problem Killer Gameplay and Story Info | Everything We Know So Far


The Math Problem Killer is about a serial killer on the loose who uses math to challenge authorities from rescuing his victims. Read on to learn how it plays, what it’s about, and everything else we know so far.

Everything We Know About The Math Problem Killer

The Math Problem Killer Story Plot


The Math Problem Killer is on the loose, and they have been abducting victims left and right. They always request one special agent from the task force to come get their victims, dead or alive. Once there, the killer gives the agent math problems to solve. If the agent gets them right, the victims go free. Make just one mistake, they immediately get doused in Hydrofluoric acid, incurring deaths. Your job is to make no mistakes, solve all problems, and rescue the victims.

The Math Problem Killer Gameplay

Not much gameplay is shown in any of the footage for The Math Problem Killer, but from the trailers, we can infer that the math problems themselves will be narrated by the killer. They will list numerous details relating to the victims and their abduction, and you as the special agent must accurately gather all information, use the correct numbers, apply the correct arithmetics, and rescue the victim. Any single mistake will cause the death of the unfortunate kidnapee.

The Math Problem Killer Trailers

‘A Report on the Math Problem Killer’ Trailer

This trailer is narrated by another agent of the task force analyzing the steps to take to figure out the puzzles left by the Math Problem Killer to rescue their victim, Tiffany Jonas. Any wrong answer will trigger the release of Hydrofluoric Acid upon the captive.

‘So You Are the One theTask Force Sent’ Trailer

This trailer opens up with the premise of the protagonist being the special agent the task force sent to rescue the kidnapped Carmilia Vargas. The Math Problem Killer lays down the law that one mistake would immediately cost her life.

The Math Problem Killer Product Information

The Math Problem Killer Banner
Release Date February 19, 2024
Developer Bejamru Studio
Publisher Bejamru Studio
Supported Platforms PC
Genre Mystery, Thriller, Puzzle
Number of Players Single-Player (1)
ESRB Rating N/A
Official Website The Math Problem Killer Official Website


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