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Mecha BREAK Gameplay and Story Info | Everything We Know So Far


Mecha BREAK is a PvP-centric mecha fighter game where players can commandeer and customize various giant robot archetypes with pilots, equipment, and aesthetics. Read on to learn more about its story, gameplay, and trailers.

Everything We Know About Mecha BREAK

Mecha BREAK Story Plot


Eruptive Inorganic Carbide (EIC), an essential mineral for energy and technological applications, is an enigmatic resource with incredible value, despite its severe health risks to humanity. But while these were normally only found in towering mineral columns and volcanic caves, the Catastrophe released EIC debris high into the atmosphere, severely contaminating it. The increased global EIC levels caused the outbreak of what came to be known as the Marcens Disease in animals, rendering the surface inhospitable.

To navigate the terrain, powerful bipedal machines were invented to serve as the new primary means of transportation. These were eventually weaponized and became the main weapons among the factions fighting for resources.

Amid the colossal battles and search for the truth behind EIC, players will follow the tales of a lone wolf warrior, fearless noble girl, seasoned veteran, and more. Each pilot has their unique story, driven to break free and forge a new path alongside you.

Mecha BREAK Gameplay


Mecha BREAK has a player pilot of mech that fits general archetypes such as Attacker, Defender, Brawler, Sniper, etc. Players can further customize their mechs by changing their engines, propulsion, and even their appearance by changing color schemes.

The player also has their pick of which pilot they want to use on a mech. These pilots have different stats that influence the performance of their mechs in different ways.

Combat takes place in an arena against multiple other players. Mechs will be able to utilize their various weapons here, which provides a variety of gameplay styles. Positioning plays a lot in fights, as every weapon has a preferred range to operate effectively. Some weapons also have additional features to compensate for their higher risk of playing, such as melee weapons being able to parry attacks.

Mecha BREAK Trailer

Newest Trailer

Mecha BREAK’s gameplay trailer is a compilation of the game’s various combat elements, which include mid-air transformations, aerial dogfights, ground combat, etc.

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Mecha BREAK Product Information

Mecha BREAK Cover
Release Date 2025
Developer Amazing Seasun
Publisher Amazing Seasun
Supported Platforms PC, Xbox Series X|S
Genre Action, Arena
Number of Players Singleplayer w/ Online Co-op
Official Website Mecha BREAK Website


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