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Extremely Powerful Capybaras is a puzzling Vampire Survivors clone that's very enjoyable to play in a co-op but a slog to experience solo. Its design philosophy seems to be centered entirely around the idea that you'll be playing with others, so the single-player aspects are pretty lacking. There's also a lack of unique builds that the genre can typically boast of, and its audio and visuals feel subdued despite the game's nature.

Extremely Powerful Capybaras is a reverse bullet hell action game featuring a diverse selection of capybaras with unique abilities. Read our review to see what it did well, what it didn't do well, and if it's worth buying.

Extremely Powerful Capybaras Review Overview

Extremely Powerful Capybaras Pros & Cons

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Checkmark Fun Co-Op Gameplay
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Extremely Powerful Capybaras Overall - 58/100

Extremely Powerful Capybaras is a puzzling Vampire Survivors clone that's very enjoyable to play in a co-op but a slog to experience solo. Its design philosophy seems to be centered entirely around the idea that you'll be playing with others, so the single-player aspects are pretty lacking. There's also a lack of unique builds that the genre can typically boast of, and its audio and visuals feel subdued despite the game's nature.

Extremely Powerful Capybaras Story - 3/10

While most reverse bullet hell Vampire Survivor clone at least provides you with a bit of context as to why you’re fighting, Extremely Powerful Capybaras’ design basically decided to just forget about it and dump you right in the middle of the hub without so much as a hint as to what's going on. All you can really go on is that powerful capybaras = good. While this doesn't affect the overall experience, it feels like a shame to leave out one game aspect almost completely empty.

Extremely Powerful Capybaras Gameplay - 7/10

Staying true to the genre's roots, Extremely Powerful Capybaras' gameplay is an enjoyable, kinetic experience if you're playing with co-op partners. However, it's apparent that the game was designed entirely around co-op in mind. This can be seen from the game's complete lack of magnet items to suck in all of the drops on the field. But its most glaring flaw is that its item and ability variety doesn't support a diverse set of builds besides matching a few that either do the same thing or cover each others' shortcomings.

Extremely Powerful Capybaras Visuals - 8/10

There’s something undoubtedly charming about watching cute, costumed capybaras waddle around a battlefield while being surrounded by cartoonish abominations. However, contrary to what the genre demands, weapon upgrades don't create a visually striking difference between levels, making progression lack the satisfying feedback other games provide.

Extremely Powerful Capybaras Audio - 5/10

The game’s audio can be described as either lacking, uninspired, or both. For the most part, you wouldn’t notice the sounds, as they just drown each other out and assume a state similar to background noise. Even its background music, which can be considered the most remarkable among them, isn’t memorable or engaging.

Extremely Powerful Capybaras Value for Money - 6/10

Even at $5.99, it's doubtful if you should get a copy of the game unless you're specifically looking for a Vampire Survivors clone with co-op. For a solo experience, there are far better titles at around the same price point or even lower. Its replayability is also questionable due to the lack of build variety unless you're playing the game solo - which you shouldn't.

Extremely Powerful Capybaras Review: Fun With Friends - If You Have Friends


2023 has been an excellent year for "Vampire Survivors-like" games. After all, we had HoloCure, a veritable free-to-play masterpiece, and Death Must Die, an early access gem, to set the standards. There were also a couple of decent mobile releases for the genre, such as Return to Abyss and Tofu Survivors. Naturally, I would have thought that Extremely Powerful Capybaras, a game that made me hyped for its release due to its adorable aesthetics and co-op functionality, would follow in HoloCure and Death Must Die's greatness.

Well, I was wrong, at least for the most part.

There are quite a few things wrong or lacking with the game. But for the sake of orderliness, let's start with its story. Yes, this genre typically doesn't have one. But at the very least, other games provide some context as to why your character picked up a sword (or gun). In HoloCure's case, it's to save the fans from parasocial hell (lol); for Death Must Die, it is to help the gods stop Death's tyranny; in Return to Abyss, it's about adventurers diving into the unknown for riches and power. But what about Extremely Powerful Capybaras? Nothing.

Again, the game's story doesn't affect its gameplay at all. However, it lacks drive if you compare it to the other games. There's no saving fans from a delusional obsession, no stopping a great power from wreaking havoc upon the world, and no pursuit of personal greed. In a sense, there's no connection created between you and the game.

Gameplay-wise, we should still give credit where it's due; Extremely Powerful Capybaras is a fun game. But only as a co-op. The solo experience is severely lacking in places where most Vampire Survivors clones excel, such as build variety and engagement. For the former, it's due to most items not having any unique effects, essentially only being divided by how they deal damage and what directions they cover. As for the latter, it's due to the game's lack of good audio and unremarkable weapon upgrades.

While Extremely Powerful Capybaras' idea of a fun time isn't exactly wrong, it felt like it was trying to pursue distinction with such effort that it lost awareness of where its roots are. Because at the end of the day, even though it is a fun game to play with others, as a reverse bullet hell game, it's... just really mid.

Pros of Extremely Powerful Capybaras

Things Extremely Powerful Capybaras Got Right
Checkmark Fun Co-Op Gameplay

Fun Co-Op Gameplay


There’s no denying that Extremely Powerful Capybara’s co-op experience, which the developers enforced as its main attraction, is delightful. This is due to the gameplay’s design heavily emphasizing teamplay.

The trick Extremely Powerful Capybaras used to create a suitable environment for cooperative gameplay is simple. It promoted competition and collaboration simultaneously through its various game mechanics. For teamwork, it implements objectives that your party can work together towards. On the other hand, it also implemented a shared upgrade pool, forcing you to argue amongst yourselves for the upgrades you want.

While the latter certainly hurts its already limited build variety, it’s a net positive result since it creates a dynamic experience between you and your party.

Cons of Extremely Powerful Capybaras

Things That Extremely Powerful Capybaras Can Improve
Checkmark No Friends? Tough Luck
Checkmark Limited Build Options
Checkmark The Game Lacks Spirit

No Friends? Tough Luck


Here’s the kicker before you purchase the game with the intent to play with others: the game has no online matchmaking. Its multiplayer functionality is limited to local co-op by connecting multiple controllers to a single machine and online co-op by inviting fellow players through your Steam friends list.

In other words, if you’re the only person interested in these types of games among your circle of friends or have no friends in general (relatable), then you’ll be running solo. And, as I’ve mentioned before, the single-player experience in this game is vastly inferior to that of its multiplayer counterpart.

Honestly, why wouldn’t they implement online matchmaking? This is quite an excellent game to make friends online. In my experience, getting a bunch of RPG-devoted friends to play this was basically hopeless until I gifted them a copy.

And even then, they only played it with me once.

Limited Build Options


The weapons in Extremely Powerful Capybaras can roughly be organized into two simple categories: those that deal damage over time and those that deal them in one hit. The only difference between them would be the area they can cover, but even that can be sorted into pretty simple categories.

Its abilities have the same issues. For the most part, they function by providing you with an unconditional boost to your stat or a more significant bonus under certain conditions.


There are, of course, a few exceptions. However, the key word here is "few." Even with twelve classes in the game, with six being basic classes and the six others being advanced, they are certainly not enough to support what many other games in the genre can boast of; build variety.

This flaw is especially glaring in online co-op, especially with more than two people on board. Since each player can only claim one unique upgrade among four choices, there will inevitably be intersections between what you and others want. For example, the universally desired movement speed upgrade can be tricky to negotiate among your peers unless some are willing to take the conditional choices.

Going solo will, of course, allow you to assemble a somewhat decent "build," but what’s the point of playing alone in a game meant to be a co-op?

Give us status effects, devs! Or at least gameplay gimmicks!

The Game Lacks Spirit


You start the game in a spring with three other cuddly capybaras. Taking the hint from the sturdy-looking bridge to your right, you reach the next area and meet the first set of interactable NPCs. The first one only has one thing to say: you can dash using the spacebar (if you’re using a keyboard like me). Of course, curiosity is a vile and powerful thing. The next thing you know, you press the spacebar to satiate the craving deep within your soul. And what do you get?

Well, you dash forward. But besides that, you hear your first combat sound effect of the game, a disappointingly hushed whiffing sound not at all different from what you hear when you swing a stick really fast.

The entire game is full of discouraging sound effects. Everything from the sound of enemies dying to you picking up experience sounds subdued. Your weapons and even the background music aren’t exceptions. In a way, it’s like the audio is just there for the sake of existing.


Also, although this might just be the Five Nights at Freddy’s brainrot setting in, but the sound of children cheering when you obtain your primary weapon upgrades every three minutes is eerily similar to the bit that plays once you pass a night.

Upgrading weapons is also a visually disappointing affair. In other games within the same genre, increasing your weapon’s level is usually accompanied by a notable, or at least a noticeable, change in its visuals. Like the audio, it feels pretty subdued in both visuals and effects. While specific stats influence its appearance, such as an increased range creating a larger projectile, everything else barely makes a difference.

While you can certainly compensate for the deficit with the banter involved in co-op, there’s nothing in the way of experiencing this lack of flair when you play alone.

Is Extremely Powerful Capybaras Worth It?

Buy it If You Want A Co-Op Experience


Despite having a cheap price tag, it’s actually on the average side compared to other Vampire Survivor clones, such as Death Must Die, which is a dollar more expensive, and Vampire Survivors itself, which is slightly cheaper. As such, you can take your pick amongst other games for roughly the same price. So, unless you’re specifically looking for a co-op game, you should probably consider your choices.

Platform Price
Steam IconSteam Store $5.99

Extremely Powerful Capybaras Overview & Premise


Choose between a diverse selection of extremely powerful capybaras, each with their own specialties, and face the horde in style!

Extremely Powerful Capybaras FAQ

How many classes are there in Extremely Powerful Capybaras?

There are four base classes with two unlockable ones that require specific achievements. Each class can be upgraded within a run after fulfilling certain conditions.

How many players can play co-op in Extremely Powerful Capybaras?

The game supports up to four players in online or local multiplayer.

Extremely Powerful Capybaras Product Information

Extremely Powerful Capybaras Cover
Release Date December 5, 2023
Developer Studio Bravarda
Publisher PM Studios, Inc., Logoi Games
Supported Platforms PC
Genre Action
Number of Players 1-4
ESRB Rating N/A
Official Website Extremely Powerful Capybaras Website
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