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Star Birds is YouTube's Kurzgesagt's New Game


Following its initial announcement as Project Mango, Toukana Interactive, in collaboration with YouTube science storytellers Kurzgesagt, officially unveiled Star Birds as its next game.

Toukana Interactive and Kurzgesagt Announce New Base Building and Automation Game

Star Birds Coming in 2025

Previously codenamed and announced as Project Mango, Toukana Interactive revealed Star Birds at the recently held PC Gaming Show 2024. The game is set for an Early Access release on PC in 2025.

Star Birds is developed in partnership between Toukana Interactive, known for their critically acclaimed strategy-puzzle game Dorfromantik, and the popular YouTube science channel Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell, known for their engaging science storytelling. This collaboration promises to bring "a fresh and accessible approach to a well-established genre: Base Building and Automation."

The reveal teaser trailer that aired during the PC Gaming Show offered an exclusive first look at the game’s mechanics, gameplay, and design. Set in space, Star Birds features cutscenes with the signature Kurzgesagt animation style. In the game, players will embark on a cosmic adventure, joining the titular Star Birds on their mission to gather resources by mining procedurally-generated asteroids. The game involves establishing and managing mining operations and discovering new technologies to advance mining operations.


Below are key features of Star Birds:

🌚 360° building on asteroids ranging from space potato to various easter eggs
🔨 Resource gathering & management mechanics
🎨 A vibrant art style inspired by kurzgesagt videos (and lots of birds, of course)
🛸 A mysterious storyline with featuring kurzgesagt vibes
🧪 Resources & production processes inspired by real science
🪐 Countless procedurally generated asteroids
🎲 Rogue-lite elements & high replayability
🧠 Intuitive and satisfying game mechanics
🌌 A unique and colorful journey through outer space
🏆 A magpie's nest full of shiny achievements

Toukana's Steam annoucement

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