Palworld Cheats Push Devs to Use Anti-Cheat


Palworld’s developer admits that it can't keep up with fraudulent activity and cheating, although an anti-cheat measure is in the works. Read on to learn more about the state of fraudulent activity in Palworld and what Pockepair plans to do about it.

Cheaters Cause Issues for Palworld Servers

Devs Discuss Future Countermeasures


Fake apps and copycats are the least of Pocketpair’s problems with Palworld. Pocketpair recently acknowledged server issues and user-connectivity problems in a Steam community post, attributing the problems to fraudulent activity and cheaters.

The post went on to state the company’s stance on fraudulent activity and cheating, stating, "As a company, we do not tolerate any fraudulent activity or cheating, and we are working on measures to deal with it strictly and as a priority."


Said measures were expanded on in the following paragraph with the announcement of an upcoming update that will implement a player list function for official servers. The player list countermeasure intends to "strengthen the identification of players who engage in cheating and the suspension of their use by the development team."

In addition to this, the Palworld team will be introducing "an external anti-cheat solution to take measures against particularly frequent fraudulent activities and cheating." It should be noted that this function is optional for community servers, single-player, and co-op.

Palworld Devs Admit They Can’t Keep Up With Cheaters


The rest of the announcement addressed the team’s previous efforts at corralling fraudulent activity in the game’s official servers, stating "Although the development team is dealing with each issue on a daily basis and taking measures, there are many cases where we are not able to keep up, and we apologize for any inconvenience this may cause."

"Our entire team is working hard to get everyone back to a state where they can enjoy the game comfortably and with peace of mind as soon as possible," the team added, closing out the announcement.

Palworld studio admits it can't "keep up" with cheaters, says anti-cheat solution on the way
Regarding official server access issues and future countermeasures against cheat


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