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Castlevania N64 Cheat Codes Discovered a Quarter of a Century Later


After 25 years of its release, fans of the classic Nintendo 64 title Castlevania: Legacy of Darkness have unearthed previously unknown cheats, otherwise known with regard to the devs as Konami Codes.

Konami Left Behind Codes in Castlevania: Legacy of Darkness, as Discovered by Players

Very Useful in Speedrunning

Konami Codes have become notorious among the gaming community, serving as cheat codes in many Konami and non-Konami games. Content creator JupiterClimb recently shared a video revealing newly discovered Konami Codes in Castlevania: Legacy of Darkness, proclaiming it as "the definitive way" to play Konami's 1999 N64 title.

By inputting a Konami Code twice, players can unlock all playable characters, complete with their alternate costumes, which was achievable only by beating the game twice. Surprisingly, it doesn't stop there. Alongside unlocking all characters, this certain code also activates Hard mode. After inputting the code, players need to save their progress at a save point, quit the game, and then reload to access the Hard mode option.

Credits were given to players Moises and Liquid Cat, with Moises discovering the code and Liquid Cat figuring out its use. "And Moises has found MORE codes that might have speedrun significance..." Jupiter Climb relayed to fans.

Two other codes were found, though they were noted to work on only the PAL version (generally distributed in Europe, Africa, Oceania, and parts of Asia and South America) and Japan version of the game. One grants players 99 Jewels, while the other maxes out weapon and sub-weapon power.

JupiterClimb mentioned that their best guess for why the codes were in the game was that they served as testing and debugging codes and were not removed upon its release.

A Konami code variant in Castlevania has been discovered after a quarter of a century

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