Blade and Soul's NCSOFT Shows Off Project LLL and Project BSS at G-Star 2023


NCSOFT showcased two new trailers for Project LLL and the new Project BSS during their appearance at G-Star 2023. Read on to learn what their trailers contain.

NCSOFT Releases New Trailers For Their Ongoing Projects At G-Star 2023

Project LLL Official Trailer

NCSOFT has released a new trailer for their upcoming shooter Project LLL. The trailer showcases extensive gameplay footage with particular emphasis on its combat and exploration.

The trailer also gives us a glimpse into the different environments players will undertake combat in. It ranges from desolate city streets to creepy underground sections, and even high up among buildings and skyscrapers. But for the most part, its gunplay was given the most attention with various scenes of its interchangeable first and third-person combat experience.

Project LLL has no official release date yet. However, NCSOFT did mention a release timeframe within 2024 in their G-Star 2023 appearance. The game is slated to release for next-gen consoles and PC.

Project BSS Official Trailer

NCSOFT has also announced a new IP during G-Star 2023 which they called Project BSS. It will utilize their Blade & Soul universe and will feature collectible characters similar to the many gacha games on the market.

In their aim to let players fully enjoy the possibilities of collectible RPGs, Project BSS will focus on strategy, action, and adventure, with various game mechanics that promote team formation, communication, adaptability, and character interactions. There will also be elemental interplay, which will further promote the widening of its players’ perspectives in team-building.

It also looks like the game will feature both real-time action and turn-based combat.

Project BSS will be released for mobile and PC. Though it doesn’t have a specific release date, NCSOFT has revealed that its release window will be the year 2024.

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