Apex Legends Aim Assist Adjusted in Season 20 Performance Mode Update


A developer from Apex Legends's studio, Respawn Entertainment, revealed that changes to Apex Legend's aim assist will be implemented along with the introduction of Performance Mode in Season 20: Breakout.

Apex Legends Adjusts Aim Assist with Season 20 Performance Mode Update

Aim Assist Value Adjusted to Accommodate for Differences in Tick Rate

Set to be introduced in Apex Season 20: Breakout, the Performance Mode will enable 120Hz output on current-gen consoles, such as PS5 and Xbox Series X/S. The new video setting option adjusts graphical settings that can target up to 120fps gameplay.

Addressing inquiries on Twitter, a developer from Respawn Entertainment confirmed that there are adjustments to the aim assist for current-gen consoles when Performance Mode is enabled. "AA is adjusted when perf mode is enabled to accommodate for differences in tick rate," the developer said after being asked if the strength value of aim assist will still be set to 0.6 on Performance Mode.

A higher value closer to 1.0 offers stronger aim assistance, while a lower value offers less assistance. The exact adjustment to the aim assist value was not disclosed. Aim assist values are often fine-tuned based on factors including platform differences (e.g. console vs. PC).

Apex Legends Dev Reveals Aim Assist Change Coming With 120hz Update

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